Steelawake: Steelawake Album Review

Steelawake are an Alternative Rock band from Milan, Italy. The band consists of Teo – voice, guitar, Daline – voice, guitar, Gua – bass and Peet – drums.

Well, Milan Italy has done it again, they have produced another good band. When I did some research on Steelawake, I found out that they are from Milan, and I have come to the conclusion that Milan is a hot bed talented musicians, as Steelawake is in good company, as there is quite a few bands that hail from the city, the bands that call Milan home are Agony Face, Irreverence, Althea, just to name a few, but the more well known band from Milan is Lacuna Coil.

When I got Steelawake’s self titled album through, I put it on for the first time, I wanted just to get a general idea of what the band is going for on the album. The initial thoughts I had of the band was that, these guys are pretty decent. When I came to do this review, I sat down and listened to the album in full. The songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: Run And Hide, Who You Are, Hot Mess, Dragging You Inside, Empty Eyes, Had Enough, See The Demons, Anything, Nothing Left To Say, Save Me, Right Where I Belong and Lost Forever.

Run And Hide is  a pretty good opening track off the, as it has a cool blend of guitars, drums and vocals. Who You Are I like this song, because of the dynamics of the male and female vocals on the song, the guitars are cool and have some good little riffs, the drums are on point, and blend the all of those elements together and the songs becomes really good. Hot Mess follows on from Who You Are with the vocals, guitars and drums, I could quite happily listen to Hot Mess and Who You Are and chill out. Dragging You Inside is a slightly heavier track on parts of the song, because of the guitars being a bit more aggressive in places, the vocals are on point, and I like the female backing vocals as they are a good counterpoint to the male singer. and the drums are a good counterpoint to the song as they help drive the song along.

Empty Eyes is another cool song with the male and female singers, again the guitars are slightly heavier on this track, and the drums are bit more aggressive. Not Alright is a bit darker from the start, because of the subject matter of the song, the guitars and and drums reflect the subject in their heaviness, and it also could be said about the vocals, as they have a raspiness to them. Had Enough is a cool track, as it has both male and female vocalists, going back and forth with each other, and what makes this song better is the way the guitars and drums are played, as they played with a slight upbeat heaviness. See The Demons is a good track, its on the slower side than the previous songs on the album, it has some cool guitars and the vocals are cool on here, for the most part the male singer takes the main vocals duties, and the female vocalist comes in on the backing.

Anything is a cool song, as it has that Classic Rock and Grunge vibe to it, especially with the pacing of the music and vocals. Nothing Left To Say follows on from the song Anything, as it has that Grunge vibe, and the vocals are cool as it has the male vocals taking the main duties on the song, but the female vocals comes in and does a brilliant job on the backing, the guitars on this song are superb and makes the song even better. Save Me is another good track, as it has the dynamics of both male and female vocals, couple that with some excellent guitar and drum work, I can see that a lot of people will become a fan of this song. Right Where I Belong is more of an upbeat track and has some cool guitars and riffs, and the drums are really good as well, and the vocals are on point. Lost Forever is the last song of the album and its a good acoustic track for about half the songs, and that’s when the electric guitars kick in with the rest of the band, there is some cool riffs on the second of the song, what makes this a stand out track for is the vocals, as from what I could tell, the whole band has some got some form of vocal duties on the song, which to me, makes the song stand out.

Well, overall, I have found that I have become a fan of Steelawake, what made me become a fan, was the second have of the album, as it has a good blend of vocals, music and took some elements of othes genres Rock, such as Grunge and Classic Rock. So, if you are into the Alternative Rock genre and/or looking for a new band or something new to listen to, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Steelawake out on their Facebook page.

I would give Steelawake and their self titled album a very solid 4.5 out of 5, this band and album surprised me, and they have made a new fan.

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