Robotface: Robotface Album Review

Robotface are a Metalcore band from Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. The band consists of Jake Straw, Steven Moors, Zakk Sample and Andrew Whitaker.

Over the last forty and some years, I have listened to a lot of different genres of Rock and Metal. In recent years I have listened to a good few bands that are in the Metalcore genre. From what I have heard of the genre, in my mind  it is a pretty decent, with some good bands. As Robotface sent their self title through, I put it on to get my initial thoughts of not only about the band but the album as well. Those thoughts were that the band and album are decent.

As I sat down to listen to the album in full, the songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: A Family Introduction, Line In The Sand, Get Loud, Midgar, Blacknotch, No Comment ( ft. Ethan Campbell ), In It To Win It, The Purge In Pallet Town, Home Grown and All I Do Is Win.

A Family Introduction is the intro song of the album, it is pretty decent opener and sets up the album really good. Line In The Sand is pretty good, as the band on all fronts, are good and heavy, the vocals are good, as they have clean and growl throughout the song. Get Loud, is slightly less intense than the previous song, but still intense all the same, I liked the vocals and guitars on this track as they work really well together, the drums are on point. Midgar is a track that is pretty intense and follows the previous songs with its intensity. Blacknotch is really good, as the track has some hard hitting guitars and drums, couple them with the clean and growl vocals, the song is pretty brutal.

No Comment ( ft. Ethan Campbell ) is heavier, to me, the guitars sounded like they have been de-tuned slightly to give the heaviness on the bottom end, plus I like the vocals on this as they give some extra gravitas to the song, especially with the growl and clean. In It To Win It is another track that has some brilliant vocals, and the guitars are good and the drums are as well. The Purge In Pallet Town is a decent track, with some cool riffs and shredding. Home Grown is a cool little two minute song, full of cool guitars, drums and vocals. All I Do Is Win is a decent enough outro track, but the only thing for me that detracted away from the track, is that in parts of the song, I don’t if I missed heard, but there was some Rapping within the song, now I do like some Rap Metal, but to me its got to be done really well, for me to listen to it.

Overall, I did like the album, and Robotface are a really good. So if you are into the Metalcore genre or wanting to listen to a new band, then I would recommend that you go and check Robotface out on their Facebook page.

I would give Robotface and their self titled album a 4 out of 5 for a good solid album.

Project Metal Music.

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