Siksided: Leave No Stone Unturned Album Review

Siksided are an Alternative Metal, Metal, Grunge band from Trieste, Italy. The band consists of Delano – Guitar, Paolo – Drums, Jeff – Guitar, Wolly – Bass and Xander – Voice.

When I got Siksided’s Leave No Stone Unturned album through the other month, I put it on just to get my initial thoughts of what they have created, and from those thoughts, I thought these guys were relatively decent. When I came to do this review, I sat down and listened to the album, whilst the album was playing in the background, I did a little bit of research on the band. When I found out that Siksided are from Italy, I was thinking, OK, my initial thoughts were that they were decent, but as I listened to the band, they are sounding great, and Italy have produced another great band.

The songs off the Leave No Stone Unturned album that I either liked or found interesting are: Disposable Livings, Leaf, Fragments, Meant To Be, Charon, New Savior, Blatant Quiet, Desert and Defaced.

Disposable Livings is a good intro track for the Leave No Stone Unturned album, as it has some cool guitars, drums and vocals. With the song Leaf, the intro has an acoustic vibe to it and is on a slower side of things, until about two minutes into the song and the heavy guitars kicks in, the transition of the softer, slower side of the intro to the heavier main body is really cool, plus the band had interspersed the song with the occasional softer side throughout the track which is pretty cool. On Fragments I liked the combination of the vocals and guitars, as they work really well together here, the vocals are mostly clean, but in some places there is some dirtier vocals, the guitars transition between from sort of acoustic to the heavier, which I like on a Metal track.

Meant To Be is another cool track, as it blends the acoustic and the heavier guitars brilliantly, the vocals, drums and the bass line are pretty good here, as all mesh together seamlessly. On Charon I liked the drum intro to the song, and when the guitars started to fade in on the track, I thought, OK, This is pretty cool, and from the sound of it, the guitarist does some slap playing (I don’t know if that is the right term) in places, which is pretty cool. On New Savior, the track has some good riffs on it. Blatant Quiet is a good metal track, as it has a brilliant blend of heavy guitars and vocals, and the drums are on point. With Desert, I like the combination of the drums, guitars and vocals , as the band have struck a really good balance on the song. Defaced is the last track off the album and it is a good song, as it has a perfect blend of heavy and acoustic guitars, the vocals on this are on point and they compliment the guitars really well.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Leave No Stoned Unturned album, as I have found that the band works really good together, with their writing and performing of the songs. So if you are into the Alternative Metal, Grunge and Metal genres or just looking for something new or a new band to get into, then I would recommend that you go and check Siksided out on their Facebook page.

I would give Siksided and their Leave No Stone Unturned album a 4.5 out 5 for a very solid and enjoyable album

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