Single Bullet Theory: Divine Ways Of Chaos Album Review

Single Bullet Theory are a Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Groove Metal band from Pennsylvania and New Jersey, USA. The band consists of Matt DiFabio- Vocals / Guitars, Bill Mez – Bass, Rob Gladden – Drums/Percussion and Richard Gulczynski -Guitar.

Over the last few months, ever since I started to get bands like Single Bullet Theory, and there is a bands that are in the Groove Metal genre, I have been enjoying those bands. Single Bullet Theory is no exception. But my first initial thoughts were, that these guys relatively decent, but wasn’t really that struck on the vocals, on the first listen of the album. But, as I sat down to listen to the Divine Ways Of Chaos, I started to like the vocals, as they started to grow on me, as they reminded me somewhat of the eighties.

As I went through the Divine Ways Of Chaos album, the songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: All The Same, Fire From The Sky, The Arena, Bleeding For You, Into The Afterglow, Last Train Out, Born of Revolution, Divine Ways of Chaos, Damnation and Paralyzed.

All The Same is a good opener for the album, as it has some cool guitars and drums, the vocals are on point. Fire From The Sky I like this song, as it has cool guitars and the drums are brutal as hell, and I like the vocals on this as the go from clean to growl to high, and the transitions between them are virtually straight away. The Arena is one of those tracks that I drawn to, as it has the heaviness on the drums, guitars and bass that I grew up on back in the eighties, for me, the guitars has some cool riffs and the vocals are really cool. Bleeding For You has a Thrash vibe to it, as the guitars and drums has the intensity of Thrash and there is some cool riffs, the vocals on this track have that eighties esques Thrash vibe and also the go from clean to growl to high pitch ranges.

Into The Afterglow is a really strong song, as the guitars start of strong and continue throughout the song, and the drums are brilliant, in places of the song they sound like a machine gun, the vocals are on point. Last Train Out to me, is a straight up Heavy Metal track, with brilliant vocals, guitars and drums, with the guitars, they remind me of a hint of Iron Maiden in places. Born of Revolution is another cool track with a strong intro and continues throughout the song. I liked the guitars on Divine Ways of Chaos, as this song is ladened with some brilliant riffage. Damnation starts off with, what sounds like to me, some pan pipes, but it is a good start for a metal song, and then it goes into a really song with some brilliant musicianship from all the band. With the song Paralyzed, the drums pretty much took the lead on this track, and also the Bass has a more prominent lead on this track, as both Bass and drums are really good and they drive this song along really well.

Well, after I listened to the Divine Ways Of Chaos album several times, over the course of a couple of days, I have become a fan of Single Bullet Theory and they have created here on this album. If you are a fan of the Groove Metal genre or wanting to get into something different, then I would highly recommend that you go and check Single Bullet Theory out on their Facebook page.

I would give Single Bullet Theory and their Divine Ways Of Chaos album a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliantly solid offering.

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