Spreading The Disease: Mindcell EP Review

Spreading The Disease are a Modern Heavy Metal band from Kent, England. The band consists of Midnight – Vocals, Steve Saunders – Bass, James Falconer – Guitar, Martin Osbourne – Guitar and Jack Apella – Drums.

When I received Mindcell EP by Spreading The Disease through from the boss of Digital Revolution Radio, asking me if I was up to doing a review for the band and I said Yes I’ll do a review for the band. So over the last few days I have been listening to the EP, and when I first put the EP on my initial thoughts were, this is a bit abrasive, but I persevered with it, and over the course of the EP, I changed my mind, as I could hear how good they are.

When I listened to the Mindcell EP, the songs that I have either found that I liked or found interesting are: Obsession, Voices, The Anger Inside, Waves and Conflicted.

When I first played Obsession, I thought that this track a bit on the abrasive side of things, with the vocals, but as I listened to it a couple of more times, I got past the abrasiveness, and started to like the way the vocals and guitars worked well together. Voices is a good track, as I liked the drums in the intro to the song, and I also like the guitars going from the softer side, then to the heavier side, the vocals are pretty good, as they go from the clean to the more dirty/growl side of things throughout the song. The Anger Inside has a pretty cool intro with an air raid siren, and then it goes into some cool guitars, the drums are good as they work well with the guitars, and the vocals are on point as they capture the aggression of the track. Waves is another cool track off the EP, this song has a good balance between all the members of the band. Conflicted is the final song off this five track EP and it is a pretty cool track, as this is a sort track that gets you nodding your head and even wanting to start a mosh pit.

Like I said before, at first I thought the first track was a bit on the abrasive side of things, but I thought hang on the band took the time out to send it to the boss of Digital Revolution Radio to see if someone would a review, so I said to myself give  the band a chance, and I was glad that I did, as the Mindcell EP is really good, and I would recommend to anyone to go and check Spreading The Disease out on their Facebook and Twitter pages or on their website.

I would give Spreading The Disease and the Mindcell EP a solid 4.5 out of 5 for a really good EP

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