Scarlet Aura: Hot’n’Heavy Album Review

Scarlet Aura are a Heavy Metal band from Bucharest, Romania. The band consists of Aura Danciulescu – Lead Vocals, Mihai Thor Danciulescu – Lead Guitars and Vocals, Rene Nistor – Bass Guitar and Sorin Ristea – Drums.

As far back as I can remember, I have always liked women in Rock and Metal, as women, on the whole, are as good as, and in some cases better than the male counterparts. In the last few years, I have come across a good few bands that have been coming out of the Eastern Europe, that have been absolutely brilliant, one of which is Scarlet Aura.

When I got the Hot’n’Heavy album by Scarlet Aura through the other month. Like I usually do, I put it on, just to see what the band is like and to get my initial thoughts of the band, and from that initial play through, I thought that Scarlet Aura were pretty good. And my first thoughts was that the singer sounded a touch like Doro Pesch on some of the tracks of the album.

When I came to do this review, I sat down and fully listened to the Hot’n’Heavy album. And when I thought back to the initial play through, and my initial thoughts, I have to say my original thoughts were correct, this band is better than good, they are brilliant. From start to finish, I was totally Rocking out to it.



The songs that I liked or I have found interesting are: This future becomes our past, Hail to you, In the Name of my pain, Hot’n’Heavy, Fallin’ to pieces, Glimpse in the mirror, You bite me I bite you back, Hate is evanescent, violence is forever, Silver city, Light be my guide, Let’s go fuckin’ wild and To new horizons.

This future becomes our past, is a short instrument intro to the album and it sets up the album perfectly. Hail to you is  the first full track off the album, and what a song, it has the power of a classic metal track, the vocals are absolutely brilliant on this, and like I said before, the singer reminds me of Doro Pesch on this, the band has worked wonders on this song with the music, as there is some really cool riffs on here. In the Name of my pain, is another brilliant track off the album, as it combines orchestral symphony with Metal, which in my mind, works well together, as both gives gravitas to the music, the vocals are really good here as well. The title track off the album is Hot’n’Heavy, and this is a amazing track, as it has that energy and vibe, that will get you moving, and I will challenge anyone to not move to this track, as this will get you up and Rocking out from start to finish.

Fallin’ to pieces might start off slow and continues throughout the song, but its still a powerful song nonetheless, as the singer has a brilliant voice, and the guitars are brilliant here, the drums are a perfect match, and the piano here is a awesome touch to the song. The guitars on Glimpse in the mirror are brilliant, plus the symphonic elements are good as well, and the vocals are on point. You bite me I bite you back, here is another brilliant example of a good song with its overall sound. Hate is evanescent, violence is forever, on this track I love the guitars and the thunderous of the bass and drums, the vocals are again on point. Light be my guide, this song might be a sow track, but its good metal ballad in the grand scheme of things. Let’s go fuckin’ wild, I totally love this song, not only of the title, but it is another track that get you up and moving, as this has that energy and vibe to make you move. The song To new horizons is the last song off the album, and its under a different band name of Balkan Stars Project, this song is really good, as it has both male and female vocals, and it also has that large symphonic style to it, with the thunderous drums, and epic guitars.

Overall I have found that I have become a fan of Scarlet Aura, because of the style of music and the vocals of Aura Danciulescu. Hot’n’Heavy is another brilliant album that I have heard in the last few years, as it has everything on it for the metal connoisseur, as it has riffs, powerful drums, and amazing vocals. So, if you are into the Heavy Metal genre or looking for something really good to listen to, then look no further than Scarlet Aura, so I would highly recommend that  you go and check these guys out on their Facebook page.

I would give Scarlet Aura and their Hot’n’Heavy album a 5 out of 5, for a totally rocking album.

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