Swamphammer: Swamphammer EP Review

Swamphammer are a Swamp Rock from San Mateo, CA, USA. The Band consists of Sean Frazier – Vocals, Stephen Lynch – Guitar, Marc Marchetti – Guitar, Laura Scott – Bass and ? – Drums.

I have been listening to a lot of music from unsigned and indie bands, and most of them have been brilliant and when I started to listen, briefly at first, to Swamphammer, my initial thoughts were pretty good. Over the course of their five track self titled EP, I could hear some, dare I say, some Southern Rock influence on some of the songs.

Now, as I sat down to listen to the EP properly, and I came to appreciate the offering from Swamphammer. The songs that I have found that I either like or found interesting are: VooDoo Doll, Weed Shack, Tumbleweed, War Path and Constrictor.

At first I was to sure about VooDoo Doll, because of the intro, but when I listen to the whole song, I quite liked it, as it has some really cool bass, drums, guitars and vocals. Weed Shack is a cool song, on this track I really like the guitars, as they reminds me of the Southern Rock genre. When I listened to Tumbleweed, it started of slow, and that vibe continues throughout the song, but it is still a really good song as the band have done a brilliant job on the track. War Path is a brilliant instrumental, as all the instruments are brilliant played. Constrictor is cool track as the guitars are really good, the drums and vocals are really on point.

Overall, I have that Swamphammer is a brilliant band and the offering that they have created here really good, so if you are into the Swamp Rock genre or just looking for something new to listen to, I would recommend that you go and check Swamphammer out on their Facebook page.

I would give Swamphammer and their self titled EP a 4.5 out of 5 for a very solid EP

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