Toy Called God: Toy Called God Album Review

Toy Called God are a Groove Metal band from Brentwood, California, USA. The band consists of Marcus Lance – Vox, ? – Drums, Damian Lewin – Bass and Patrick Donovan – Guitar.

Over the last forty plus years that I have been listening to Rock and Metal, I have come across a lot of genres of said Rock and Metal, and in recent years, Groove Metal is one of those genres that is new to me. Now, when I first came across it, I wasn’t to sure about it, but over the course of the last four years, I have listened to a good few bands that I have done reviews for, and from what I have heard the Groove Metal genre is pretty good. As I listened to Toy Called God, for the first a couple of months back, my initial thoughts were, OK, this band is pretty decent.

As I sat down to listen to their self titled album, I was like, OK, my initial thoughts were pretty spot on, as Toy Called God are good. The songs that I have found that I either I liked or found interesting are: Self Destructive, As I Walk This Road, Only One Menace, Bulldozer, Soiled Dream, Addiction, The Voodoo, Wild Child and Martyr Dumb.

Self Destructive is a cool opening track, as the song has some pretty heavy guitars, drums and the vocals are on point. As I Walk This Road follows in the same vain as Self Destructive in its heaviness, plus on this song there is some really cool riffs. Only One Menace is a cool song, as it has some good vocals, the vocals goes from clean to a more dirtier vocals, also the song has some good riffs. Bulldozer is another good song, on this, the guitars are more grittier, and the song is the shortest off the album, coming in at nearly one minute thirty. Soiled Dream is like the other songs off the album, as it has the heavy and gritty guitars, the vocals are on point and the drums are good and they help drive the song along. A the start of Addiction, I loved the bass intro, and that bass line continues through the song to a degree, and there is another cool riff. The Voodoo is good track, that is to me anyways a good Hard Rock song, as it has that sort of vibe, with some really cool riffs. Martyr Dumb is on the slower side of things but is still really good track, as this shows that the band can slow it down a bit, plus I like vocals on this, as they are pretty good, and the drums, bass and guitars are good as well.

Overall, I really liked this riff laden self titled debut album from Toy Called God, as it also has some pretty cool drums bass and vocals, as well as the brilliant riffs from the guitars. So, if you are in the Groove Metal genre or you just want to hear something new, then I would recommend that you and check Toy Called God out on their Facebook page.

I would give Toy Called God and their self titled album a 4.5 out of 5 for a rally good album.

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