Trollwar: Oath Of The Storm Album Review

Trollwar are a Blackened Melodic Folk Metal band from Alma, Québec, Canada. The band consists of Steeve JF : Guitar, Mathieu Chauvette : Guitar, Keven Villeneuve : Bass, Yanick Tremblay : Drum, Simon-Pierre Fortin Leclerc : Vocal and Jonathan Mathieu: Accordion.

Over the last few years there has been a lot of musicains and bands that have come out of Canada, 99.9% of them are absolutely brilliant. And Trollwar is one of them. The reason why I say this, is that, when I got the Oath To the Storm album through via email, I put it on to see what the band has to offer, and from my initial thoughts were,  Damn this band is good! So when I had the chance I played a couple of tracks off the album on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Digital Revolution Radio, to see what the listeners thought and from what they said, they said that they liked them.

As I came to do this review, I sat down and listened to the album in full, and as I listened to it, my initial thoughts were correct, that this band is really good. Now, the songs that I either have found that I liked or found interesting are: Intro, Summoning, Into Shadows, The Forsaken One, In Defiance, Hymn for the Vanquished, Forgotten, Omens of Victory, Home of Forbidden Lore, Shores of Madness, Winter’s Night and Outro

The Intro is a good little track, as it sets up the rest of the album, as it has a ship on the ocean creaking and awaiting the storm. The song Summoning is the next song and is really good, as it pummels your brain into submission, as it has the fast pasted guitars and drums, and there is an accordion throughout the song, that lends to the song of a seafaring storm. Into Shadows is another good track, as it has good all round musicianship from the band, but it also has a orchestral arrangement throughout the track, I also like the clean and growl vocals on this, as its a good contrast of where the band is taken this song. The Forsaken One a good track that has some brilliant drums from the get go, the guitars are on point and the vocals are good.

In Defiance is another track that has the accordion at the fore, and it also has some cool orchestral arrangements on it as well, which gives the overall sound of the song some gravitas. Hymn for the Vanquished, I like this track, as it has that heaviness to it, especially on the guitars and drums, and it also makes good use of the orchestral arrangements. Forgotten is another track, that has some formidable drums and guitars, and the vocals are really good and on point. Omens of Victory has that upbeat vibe to it, that will make you want to rock out to it. Home of Forbidden Lore, on this track, everything is on point from the vocals, to the drums, to the guitars, to the accordion. Shores of Madness has some good energy on this, the drums are good as they drive the song along, and the guitars are really good and compliment the drums. on Winter’s Night, there is some brilliant orchestral arrangements on it, which adds something to the song, and there is some good musicianship from the band on this. The Outro is good, as it closes out the album, as the band has used the orchestral arrangements which they have used throughout the album to good effect on this outro track.

Well, what can I say, Canada has done it again, they have produced another awesome band in the form of Trollwar. The band has created something special here with Oath Of The Storm. They have brilliant songs, with some brilliant orchestral arrangements throughout the album. So if you like the Blackened, Melodic, Folk, Metal genres or you wanting to listen to something new, then Trollwar is the band for you, as I will recommend Trollwar to anyone. You can find out more about Trollwar on their Facebook page.

I would give Trollwar and their Oath Of The Storm album a 5 out of 5 for a brilliant album.

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