Dissonant Distance: Dissonant Distance Album Review

Dissonant Distance are an Improv, prog rock, art rock, punk jazz band from Uppsala, Budapest, London. The band consists of Jay Matharu – guitar, Oscar Hansson – bass and Andras Salyik – drums.

As I got Dissonant Distance self titled album through, the other month, I put it on to hear what they were about, and I first, my initial thoughts were that I wasn’t sure about them. But, those were my first initial thoughts when I got the album through. As I sat down to do this review, a month after I heard them a first time, I thought OK, give this band a chance, as they graciously sent their album over to me.

When I sat down to do this review, I put the album on again to listen to it again, to see if the band can grow on me, and to see if I liked the band and songs. The songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: Stone Shaped Marmalade Dream, Multi Dimensional Colored Mask, The Shadow Of The Steel Tower, Bending Our Flags In The Evening, The Mirror Of Mr Goldmann, The Key, Eleven Signs, Walking In The Deadly Forest, Covered by Darkness and Over Our Heads (A Flying Nickel Samovar).

At first, I was to sure about Stone Shaped Marmalade Dream, because of the intro, but as the song went on, the guitars on this are pretty cool. Multi Dimensional Colored Mask, is a decent track, I liked the guitars on this, but the I’m still not sure about the drums. On The Shadow Of The Steel Tower, the is some sweet riffs and on this song the drums have started to grow on me. The Mirror Of Mr Goldmann is a decent track, as there is some good guitar work, as this reminds me of some early Led Zeppelin or some early Eric Clapton in places. The Key is pretty cool, on this offering I quite liked the drums, and there is some really riffs. Eleven Signs is on the atmospheric and you can hear the Jazz influence on here. Walking In The Deadly Forest, I liked the heavier guitars on this and coupled that with the shredding, it is a good track. I liked the track Covered by Darkness, as it has some cool guitars, and at first with this, the drums weren’t exactly impressing me, but over the course of the song, I started to like them. Over Our Heads (A Flying Nickel Samovar) this has some cool guitars.

Dissonant Distance The Band

Overall, I found that Dissonant Distance are a pretty good band, but I also found that, on some of the tracks, the drums were distracting, yes I know that was the Jazz influence on the album. If you do like the Improv, prog rock, art rock, punk jazz genres then go and check out Dissonant Distance on their Facebook page.

I would give Dissonant Distance and their self titled album a 4 out of 5 for a solid album

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