Perpetual Fate: Cordis Album Review

Perpetual Fate are an Alternative, Melodic Metal band from Padua, Italy. The band consists of MARIA GRAZIA ZANCOPE’ – Vocals, GIANLUCA EVANGELISTA – Guitar, MASSIMILIANO PISTORE – Guitar, DIEGO PONCHIO – Bass and MARCO ANDREETTO- Drums.

Over the years, since I have listening to Rock and Metal, I come across a lot bands, some have male singers and some have female singers and sometimes both. When I have come across a band that has a female singer, I have found that the female singers of these bands are on the same par or sometimes better than their male counterparts. As I put on the Cordis album from Perpetual Fate, as to get a vibe and some initial thoughts on what the band is going for on the album, I thought, OK, this is a pretty cool band. After I have listened to the album a couple of times, I have come to like Perpetual Fate, and is one of those bands that has a really good singer, as she has that type of vocal range that works really well for the Metal genre,

Now over the course of the Cordis album I have found that I have liked or I found the following tracks and they are: Rabbit Hole, Enslavement, Smothered, The Path (I See You), Cannibal, Mark Any Youth, Rainfall, The Land (ft. Michele Guaitoli & Marco Pastorino), Eternal Destiny, When They Cry and A Word Between You And Me.

Rabbit Hole is a cool opening track of the Cordis album, as the the singer show off her singing talents, plus the there is some cool riffs and orchestral arrangements. Enslavement follows on from Rabbit Hole with the riffs and the vocals. The intro to Smothered starts off slow, but after a few seconds the heavy guitars kick in, and the singer hits some high notes, which is cool. The Path (I See You) is a slower track pretty much for the whole, which is pretty cool, as this shows that the band can do other styles of Metal, there is a some heavy parts to the song, which counter balances the slower parts of the song which is good.

Cannibal is a cool track, as it has a good piano arrangement interspersed on the song and also there is some cool riffs and drums. Mark Any Youth is a cool melodic track with some cool riffs and the vocals are on point. Rainfall, like the rest of the album before it has some cool vocals and it has some good guitars and drums from the rest of the band. The Land is a good track, that features Michele Guaitoli & Marco Pastorino, I like this, as overall the on guests on this track, as it adds that something extra to the track. On Eternal Destiny, I like the guitars in the intro and throughout the song, and the vocals when they kick in. When They Cry is a favourite of mine, as it has everything on it, it has good pacing, and the guitars, drums, vocals and bass are all on point. A Word Between You And Me is a cool slow track, this has some cool acoustic guitars on the song and the vocals are really good, it also has some cool electric guitars interspersed throughout the song.

Overall I have found that I really like the Cordis album from Perpetual Fate, as they have created a brilliant album here. Now you are into the Alternative and Melodic Metal genres, or you are new to the Rock and Metal scene, or just wanting to listen to something new, then I would recommend that you go and check Perpetual Fate out on their Facebook page.

I would give Perpetual Fate and their Cordis and 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album.

Project Metal Music.

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