Pink Cocoon: Alienation EP Review

Pink Cocoon are a Doom Blues band from Montreal, Canada. The band consists of Zolla Marc on guitar/lead vocals, with various musicians on bass and drums when playing live.

When I got Pink Cocoon’s Alienation EP through, like I do with all music that I get, I play it just too see what its like and to get an initial vibe for it, to do a review and play on the Across The Pond radio show. As I listened to Pink Cocoon, for the first time, I my initial thoughts were, OK, this is pretty cool.

So, when I sat down to listen to the EP more closely, I came to the conclusion that Pink Cocoon are good. The songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: Help Me, No Control, Old Lady at The Window, Someone is Out There, A New Beginning and Child of Death.

On Help Me, I liked the grittiness of the guitars on this track, as they drive the song along. No Control is a song I like, as the song has that edginess in the guitars, and I like the riffs for the guitar, the bass and drums are pretty good and the vocals work really well, with everything on this track, comes together perfectly.

Old Lady at The Window, is the longest track off the EP at just over eight minutes, there is some really cool vocals and guitars and riffs, the drums and bass lines are good, as they are pretty catchy near the end of the song. Someone is Out There is another good track for the drums and the guitar riffs. A New Beginning is a bit more darker than the other tracks, and is a little instrumental offering and is the shortest track off the EP coming in just over one minute. Child of Death this song is pretty cool track, as in the guitars are really good, if you are a fan of the riff, this song has plenty of them.

Overall I have found that I liked Pink Cocoon and the Alienation EP, as it has a lot of cool stuff on their. So, if you like the Doom genre or if you are wanting to listen to something new, then I can recommend that you go and check Pink Cocoon out either on their Facebook page or website.

I would give Pink Cocoon and their Alienation EP a very respectable 4 out of 5 for a cool EP.

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