The Flesh: Dweller EP Review

The Flesh are a Black Metal, Death Metal, Hardcore Metal, Hardcore band from Amsterdam, Netherlands. The band consists of Sven – guitar, Jelle – vocals, Jeroen – bass / backing vocals and Tom – drums.

When I first heard of The Flesh, it was a few months ago, as I received the Dweller EP via email. So as I put it on – like I do with all albums and EPs – just to get a general idea of what the band is going for, as I listened to the EP, – at the time – I was on the fence with this. But when I came to do this review, I sat done and listen to the EP properly and give it a fair chance to at least get me interested, not only the EP, but the band as well.

Over the course of the EP, I have come to realize that The Flesh are pretty brutal on the Dweller EP. The songs that I have found I liked or found interesting are: Tot In Den Treure, Black Rain, Siren’s Call, Dweller (In The Dark), Salax, Thrones In The Sky, A Knife To The Conformist and Fire Red Gaze.

I like the guitar work on Tot In Den Treure, as they are good and heavy. Black Rain is another good track for the heaviness of the guitars and the bass lends to that heaviness. On Siren’s Call, I like the drumming and the guitars as they work really well on this. Dweller (In The Dark) is a bit more Melodic in places, the vocal are on point and the guitars and drums are really good. If you want a song that gets into your head, with its sheer power, then Salax is your song, as the guitars are relentless on this song. Thrones In The Sky follows on from Salax, with its relentlessness, it is probably more so, especially with the drums and the bass. A Knife To The Conformist is a song that is slightly less relentless, but it still has the intensity, along with the rest of the EP, it also has some pretty cool riffs on it. Fire Red Gaze is a brilliant outro track, as it has everything on it, the speed, the relentlessness, the brutality and intensity.

After I have listened to the Dweller EP a good few times, I have came to the conclusion, that The Flesh are a  pretty good  band and they have created – in my mind – a very solid EP in the Dweller. Now if you are into the extreme side of metal, or you are finding that you wanting something with a bit more substance, then The Flesh is your band, so I would recommend that you go and check them out on there Facebook page.

I would give The Flesh and their Dweller EP and very solid 4 out of 5

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