Kormak: Fearenus Album Review


After never hearing Kormak before, I sat and listened to this folk metal concept album in its entirety.
Tantalizing the imagination with whimsical melodic story telling slashed with verses of ravenous screams!
Your instantly hit with what I call ‘battle metal’ in the opening track March Of The Demise.
This epic (and i mean epic as in the sheer size!) albums production quality with its operatic melancholy. 
My ears and I can only imagine live!
The Gaelic influence is pleasantly overwhelming, mixing acoustic, heavy electric, piano and playful pipe.
This band mixes different sound platforms comfortably in an album that feels like a whole yet, if you wanted to listen to a track solely you would not be disappointed.
From the excellent riffage of Sacra Nox with good dynamic and vivid visual qualities, to the fearless operatic vocals of The Hermit.
In a whole, if your into concept, melodic, metal story telling? This album is for you!
If you want to find out more about Kormak the link to their Facebook page is here
Steph Mac for PMM

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