Astor Voltaires: La Quintaesencia De Jupiter Album Review

AstorVoltaires is a solo project and is a Doom Metal, Down tempo, Post Rock. AstorVoltaires is from Santiago, Chile, but resides in the Czech Republic. This solo project is J:Escobar:C.

Over the last forty plus years, I have listened to a lot of good within the Rock and Metal genres, and over the last few years, since I have been doing reviews for music with the Rock and Metal genres, I have come across some brilliant unsigned and indie bands and musicians, and AstorVoltaires is one of those musicians that are good. Now, when I got the La Quintaesenia De Jupiter album and put it on, and upon my initial listen to it, I was thinking, OK, this is a bit slow and melodic but good. But when I did a little bit of research, I found that AstorVoltaires is a Doom Metal, Down Tempo and Post Rock band, and I was like Oh, OK. So when I started the second listen of the album, I was starting to like the it more.

The songs on the album that I have found that I liked or I have found interesting are: Manifesto, Hoy, Un Gran Oceano, Thrinakia, Un Nuevo Sol Naciente, Arrebol, La Quintaesencia De Jupiter and Mas Alla del Hiperboreo.

Manifesto is a good introduction not only to the album, but to AstorVoltaires, as this song describes perfectly what AstorVoltaires sound is like, it very much a Down Tempo track, but also it has some soaring riffs scattered throughout the song. Hoy is a slower track, but good, this song has some sweet riffs, and has some cool keys on this and reminds me somewhat of Prog Rock to a degree. Un Gran Oceano is a little bit more heavier on the guitars and the vocals are on point. Thrinakia reminds me a little of Marillion in parts, and about halfway through the song, it got seriously heavy with the guitars, which I like, Thrinakia is a full on Doom track. Un Nuevo Sol Naciente, to me is more of a chill out track for the most part, but some really good guitars near the end of the song. Arrebol is a another cool track by AstorVoltaires. The title track of the album La Quintaesencia De Jupiter is a good track, as it has an overall brilliant sound, with the guitars, drums and vocals.

After listening to AstorVoltaires album on several occasions, I have come to be a fan of AstorVoltaires, and would like to hear more from this project. Now if you are into the Doom Metal and are looking for a new band to get into or just looking for something new, then I recommend that you should go and check out AstorVoltaires on their Facebook page.

I would give AstorVoltaires and the La Quintaesencia De Jupiter album a very solid 4 out of 5 a brilliant album from start to finish.

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