Sercati: Devoted, Demons and Mavericks Album Review

Sercati are a Melodic Black Metal band from Verviers – Liège, Belgium. The band consists of Steve “Serpent” Fabry – Bass, Vocals, Yannick Martin – Drums, Backing Vocals, Simon Charlier – Lead Guitar. Kenny Vrancken – The Nightstalker and Catherine Wilket – Miss Ombrelle.

Over the twenty five plus years I have been a fan – sort of – of Black Metal, and over the years, there were times where I stopped listening to it, but over the three years I have come back to it, as there has been some really good bands that have sent me their music, and that music has been really good.

When Sercati sent me the Devoted, Demons and Mavericks through, so I put it on, just to get an initial impression of it. From what I have heard of it, from the first listen, and my thoughts were this is decent.

As I listened to the album for a second time, the songs that I have found that I liked or I have found interesting are: Countdown to Apocalypse, Shockwaves Of The Countdown, Time Of Loss, Under The Velvet Mask, Dream Devourer, An Appointment Between Hell and Heaven, Cathartic Bomb, Before The Battle, Fight To Dust, The Purgatory and Facing The Unknown (Outro).

Countdown to Apocalypse is a good little intro to the album, coming in at just over one minute forty. Shockwaves Of The Countdown, I like this track, as it has a little bit of everything on it, it has some cool guitars, drums are on point and the vocal are good. On Time Of Loss, the intro is cool, as it has a cool bass and drum intro and they continue throughout the song, the guitar are pretty cool as well, as they make the song even more enjoyable, but, the only thing that lets the song down was, when there was a quiet moment the vocals sort of let it down, just a bit. Under The Velvet Mask, I liked this track, because of the guitars, as they have several riffs on the track, plus they had a Flute on there and that was a good little touch.

An Appointment Between Hell and Heaven, I liked the intro to this song, as it was an acoustic arrangement, then it kicks in with the heavy guitars, plus it has some cool Organ arrangements throughout the song. I liked the bass line on Cathartic Bomb, as it gives the song some gravitas. With Before The Battle, there is some good little riffs on there, that caught more attention. On Fight To Dust, I like the music on this, as they have some sweet guitars on it, plus I liked the backing vocals, as they are a brilliant counterpoint to the growl vocals. As I listened to The Purgatory, to me, it has that medieval vibe to it, from start to finish, and I quite enjoyed it.

When I finished listening to the Devoted, Demons and Mavericks album, overall I enjoyed it. This is just personal preference, on some parts of the album, I wasn’t to keen on the vocals, when there was a quiet moments, the vocals could of been a bit more softer in the quieter parts. As I listen to the album, for the third time, I could hear in parts, a hint of Venom, and other Black Metal bands. If you are into the Black Metal genre or wanting to hear something new, then I would recommend you go and check Sercati out on their Facebook page.

I would give Sercati and their Devoted, Demons and Mavericks album a respectable 4 out of 5, a good solid album.

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