The Guests: Highlands EP Review

The Guests are a Russian Indie, Goth Rock band from Moscow Russia.

Ever since the eighties, I have listened to a lot of Rock and Metal genres, and I like most of those them, but over the years I’ve always gravitated towards the Goth Rock genre, but Goth Rock is just one of many genres that I mainly go to, the others are Thrash, Speed, Heavy, Hard Rock.

When I got Highlands EP through from The Guests, I put on the EP just to see what it was like, and I did a bit of research on the band as they sent me a little bio of themselves, and when the bio said that they were a Goth Rock band, I immediately thought, OH, that makes sense, as that is what I thought instantly, as I am listening to the EP.

On the EP, there is five tracks, four are remixes of the same song. The first song is Highlands, I like this track, as this takes me back to the early eighties Goth songs, but this has a modern twist to it, the guitars, vocals etc on this track is awesome, you can check it out in the video below.

The next four tracks, like is said these four tracks are remixes of the same song, the song is called Autumn Walk. The first remix of Autumn Walk is done by Bruno Kramm, this is a really good version of the song. The next remix is done by Asper X, this version is slightly different to the one that Bruno has done, as this has a bit more EDM and the drums are more prevalent on the song, but it is still a good version. The next two tracks are by Arkhangelsky, he has done a standard and an alternative remix, the standard remix has a more electronic vibe to it, which is OK, but, I like the alternative version of the song, as it has a lot more guitar been added to it.

So, after I have listened to the EP on a good few times, I must say that I really enjoyed the Highlands EP. If you are into the Goth Rock scene and music genre or if you just want to listen to something new, then I would recommend that you go and check The Guests out on their Facebook page for more information. I would like to hear more from them.

I would give The Guests and their Highlands EP a 4 out of 5 this EP really good.

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