What Lies Beyond: Coup De Grâce Album Review

What Lies Beyond are a Modern Hard Rock / Metal band from Solin, Croatia. The band consists of Ivan Šipić – Vocals, Filip Samardžić – Lead guitar, Ante Katinac – Rhythm guitar, Ante Topić – Bass Guitar and Marin Jakić – Drums.

Over the last month or so, I have played a couple of tracks by What Lies Beyond on my radio show, Project Metal Across The Pond, which airs on Digital Revolution Radio, I also did a brief review of those tracks as well. A couple of weeks back I was contacted by the band, seeing if I was up for doing a review for them, and I said yes, as I liked the songs that I reviewed. When I put the Coup De Grâce album on, to get my initial thoughts on it, I was thinking, now I know why I liked these guys, these guys are pretty good.

Now, I have listened to the album a couple of times now, and the songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: Turning Tides, Drink The Night Away, Behind The Closed Doors, Edge Of Sanity, “Guilty Crown”, Nothing Left To Prove, Marilyn Rose pt1, Marilyn Rose pt2*, Confessions, Neverending Story, Bitter Truth*.

*See the link above for the review for these two songs.

With Turning Tides, I wasn’t to sure about the vocals when they first kick in on the track, but after listening to it a few times and the rest of the song, I was thinking, OK, I like them, as they fit pretty well with the music that the band had done for the track. Drink The Night Away has some cool guitars riffs cool drums on the track and the vocals are on point. Behind The Closed Doors is a bit more heavier than the previous songs especially on the guitars and vocals, on this track they have clean and growl vocals, I like both, but I would say I liked the clean vocals on this song better. Edge Of Sanity is slower in tempo and little bit more heavier, due to the subject matter of the song, I like this song because of the subject. “Guilty Crown” is a much more of a fast paced song, with brilliant drumming, which is the driving force, there is some really cool guitars and the vocals are on point. On Marilyn Rose pt1 is a ballad and has a cool piano and vocals for the entirety of the song. Confessions I like this track, not only the guitars are good, and the drums  totally like and they have the intensity, and they have some female vocals in parts which I liked and gives a cool counter balance to the song. Neverending Story is a really good song, as it is a heavy song both musically and vocally, and again they have a female vocalist on the song, to give that extra something to the song.

Now that I have heard the Coup De Grâce album in full, I totally liked it, it has got really good songs on it, with good musicianship. If you are into the Modern Hard Rock and Metal genres or if you are looking for new band to get into, then I would recommend that you go and check out What Lies Beyond, you can find them on their Facebook page.

I would give What Lies Beyond and their album Coup De Grâce a 4.5 out of 5 for a solid album.

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