Cavina: Howls Of Mind Album Review

Cavina are a Hard Rock / Metal band based in London, England. The band consists of Eduardo Cavina – Vocals/Bass,, Matteus Cavina – Guitar/Backing Vocals and Javier Sanchez – Drums.

Over the last three years, I have been following Cavina, and in that time, I have become really good friends with Matteus. When Matteus contacted me, he said that the band were working on a full album, I was thinking Oh, Hell Yes, I can’t wait for this album. Matteus got in contact again on Feb 14th (2019) to say that the album was done and they had released it, and if I was up to doing a review for it, I said, to him, Of course I will, you guys are brilliant. So, I asked If I could do an interview with the band, so Matteus arranged to have Eduardo to come to do the interview, which will be on the Feb 21st 2019 on Project Metal Across The Pond.

Like I said earlier, I have been following Cavina for the last three years, and in that time, I have listened to and reviewed several of their EP, the most recent one was Part Of You, which has three tracks on it, they are Weak Flesh, What I Am and Walk Through The Valley. Now, these three tracks appear on the Howls Of Mind album.

When I put the album on, I was immediately blown away from the first song to the last. The songs that I found that I liked or I have found interesting… scrape that, I love all the songs that Cavina have done on the Howls Of Mind album. The songs are: High N’Low, Weak Flesh, What I Am, Breaking The Shell, The Last Prayer, I Live In Hell, Walk Through The Valley, Stardust and Finding My Way.

High N’Low starts off with an air raid siren, and then kicks in with some amazing guitars from Matteus, the vocals from Eduardo are brilliant and the drums from Javier are superb, High N’Low is a must listen to song as there is some sweet riffs on this track. I have done review for Weak Flesh, What I Am and Walk Through The Valley click here to read the review. Now when Breaking The Shell came on, I was thinking OK, the song starts off with someone going through an analogue radio, to try and find a station to listen to, and that is when Cavina kicks in, and Breaking The Shell, is one hell of a song, as all three are brilliant on this track, the song is perfect blend of Hard Rock and Metal, and with the subject matter, it is hard hitting as well. The Last Prayer is a bit more melodic in its construction, as to some of the other tracks on the album, I love everything on this song, and I have had the volume turned up for this track and I have also listened to it on numerous occasions. To me, I Live In Hell has a slightly Punk vibe going on, especially on the guitars, which I love, and this is another brilliant song. Stardust has a more grittier vibe to the song, as it has a slightly dirtier guitars and vocals, which makes the song awesome. Finding My Way is a more up beat track, especially with the drums from Javier, also there is some cool guitars from Matteus.

Well, the Howls Of Mind is an awesome in your face album, It has everything that you want, from superb riffs, to brilliant drumming and excellent vocals. If you are into the Hard Rock and Metal genre or wanting to get into a new band, then I would HIGHLY recommend that you go and check Cavina out on their Facebook page, Seriously you need too, as this band is awesome.

I would give Cavina and their Howls Of Mind album a 5 out of 5 for an outstanding album.

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