Arcticcircle: When Ice Meets Ocean Album Review

Arcticcircle are a Bush Metal band from Manitoba, Canada. The Band consists of Sean Vermentor: guitars, vocals, Jon Cloud: drums and symbols and Chris Nethery: bass guitar.

Well, over the years I have listened to a lot of bands from Canada and Arcticcircle is another one from there, When I put the When Ice Meets Ocean album on to get an initial impression of the album, I wondered what I was going to listen to. As I went through a first listen, my initial thoughts, OK this band is decent.

As I listened to the album I could hear some elements of Thrash Metal and some Black Metal, Now I have listened to the whole album and overall, I do like the album, for various reasons, they were either the guitars, the drums, the vocals or a combination of all three.

The songs that I liked or found interesting are: Cosmic Egg for its Melodic and Thrash vibe and the vocals are good. Big Heavy Door is another song that has a Thrash vibe to it. Madness Powder, I like this one because of the guitars and drums as they work really well on this and they have that intensity to make you get up and mosh. Change The Wave, there is some pretty cool riffs on this song and I like the vocals on as they fit really well. Oracle Bones has that Thrash Metal vibe going on within the song, plus I could hear some Black Metal in the song. Onanole, on this track I found that I liked the drums on this and the guitars, as the guitars have that heaviness to help the song along. Firebird Over Falcon Lake is a song that carries on from Onanole, with its intensity on the drums and guitars. Into One is a firm favourite off the album, as it combines all three of the guitars, drums and vocals, the intensity of all three aspects together to me anyway makes this a good thrash song, but the only thing I am not to sure about is the outro of the song as it has a quiet part of the song, there is no guitars etc, now don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but like I said I’m not that sure about.

Well, overall. I found that I like the When Ice Meets Oceans album from Arcticcircle, as I found it different and interesting. So I would recommend to anyone to go and check Arcticcircle out on their Facebook page.

I would give Arcticcircle and their album When Ice Meets Oceans a solid 4 out of 5 for an interestingly different  album

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