Rainfall Today: Eternal Album Review

Rainfall Today are an Alternative Metal band from St. Petersburg, Russia, The band consists of Jana Samarina – Vocals, Alexander Prohorov – Guitar, Dmitriy Samsonenko – Guitar and Pavel Ignat’ev – Bass.

For many years, the only metal band that I knew that came out of Russia is Pagan Reign, but in the last few years I come across a couple more metal bands that hail from Russia, such as Starsoup and Tantal which are really good bands, and with Rainfall Today hailing form St Petersburg, I can’t wait to hear what the band has got install for me.

As I put the Eternal album on for the first time, to basically to get my initial thoughts on it and from what I have heard its pretty good. When I delved into the album for a second time, The tracks that I liked or I found interesting are Never Never, Hate, Gravity, Вдвоём (To Get Her), Eternal Emotion, Wife On Mars, Headshot, Deeptown, It’s Time To New Life, The End and Не убежать (Do Not Run Away).

Never Never is a good opening track, as it has some cool guitars and drums, the vocals are really on point. Gravity is a cool song as it has some sweet melodic guitars, and the vocals are pretty cool and go really well with the overall sound of the track. Вдвоём (To Get Her) I like this song as it has some pretty heavy guitars in place and some softer parts to the song and the vocals are perfect. Eternal Emotion has a bit more going on with the guitars, as there is a some good riffs on the track.Wife On Mars is more of a slower track than the others, but it shows that the band can do something different, it has some really cool guitars, as it makes the song soar up and down, and the drums are pretty cool. If you like the drop key guitars, then Headshot is your track, as this is a really good song to rock out to. Deeptown is another song that you can rock out to, as this has some sweet fast past guitar and drums. It’s Time To New Life is – overall, to me anyway – a slower song, but still a good track especially with the vocals and some cool drumming. The End is a cool song, as it has some cool riffs, the bass is pretty good on here as well, and the vocals throughout the song are on point. The intro to Не убежать (Do Not Run Away) has some cool drumming and it continues throughout the track, there is some cool little riffs as well, and the vocals are good.

Overall, Rainfall Today is a really good band, and I would recommend to anyone the band, and if you like your Alternative Metal, then you must check these guys on their Facebook page.

I would give Rainfall Today and their album Eternal a solid 4 out of 5 good album, I want to hear more from these guys.

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