Carbon Black: End Of This Album Review

Carbon Black are a Metal band from New South Wales, Australia. The band consists of Jon Hurley (Vocals), Damon Bishop (Guitars) and Rob Giles (Bass) and Steve Giles (drums).

When I first came across Carbon Black, it was the back end of 2018, and in that time, I have listened to the End Of This album several times and in that time I have become a big of these guys. Now, over the last few years I have come to really appreciate the Australian Rock and Metal bands that have been coming out, as Australia has been producing some really good bands as of late and Carbon Black is one of those bands.

As I listened to the End Of This album again, as it has been a couple of weeks since I listened to it. The album in general has a brutal heavy sound throughout the album, mainly coming from the bass guitar, as it gives that gravitas to the album.

The songs that I liked or I have found interesting are: Timent Puer Netus, End Of This, Ignorance, Unseen, Cowards, Deceive, Deny, Plastic Art, My Own and Blood And Sacrifice. Timent Puer Natus is one minute and change intro to the album, and it really sets it up really well. Gods, When I first heard the title track, End Of This, I was an instant fan Of Carbon Black, as this is a song that encapsulates what a Metal song should sound like, the vocals are superb, the bass line is heavy as hell and it pounds your brain into submission, and there is some really good riffs on the song and the drums are wicked.

Ignorance is a song that follows on from End Of This with its heavy brutal bass line and couple that with the bass drums, Ignorance is brilliant and what tops it all off is the sweet guitar riffs and the gritty growl of the vocals. With Unseen the vocals are slightly cleaner, and the bass line is there pounding away, and that gets into your soul and wants to get you up and moving into a mosh pit. Deceive is a brilliant little instrumental and filler for the album. Deny is a song that I like as it has the heavy Melodic sound to it, and there is (to me) a Doom vibe to it, especially within the vocals in parts, plus there is some cool ass riffs and shreds on the track, that some people will really enjoy. Plastic Art like End Of This is a favourite off the album and has gone onto my personal playlist, like End Of This it has that heavy bass driven line and has some sweet riffs on the song, the are brilliant and the drums are like the bass that they help drive the song along. Blood And Sacrifice to me feels like a Thrash track in a way, as on some parts of the song it has that intensity of Thrash in the guitars and drums.

Well, what can I say about the End Of This album, it has everything, its got the intensity, the heavy bass line that wants to rip out your soul, the drums that will pound brain into oblivion, the riff and shreds that pierce ears and the vocals are top notch. I highly recommend that you go and check Carbon Black out on their Facebook page, as these guys are absolutely brilliant.

I will be playing the entire album on the Project Metal Across The Pond this Thursday January 31st 2019 only on Digital Revolution Radio, the show starts at 4pm est USA time, 9pm UK time.

I would give Carbon Black and their album End Of This a 5 out of 5 for an album that will blow you away

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