Paganland: Gods Of Golden Circle 1999 Demo Review

Paganland are a Pagan Black Metal bands from Lemberg, Ukraine. The band consists of Ruen – keyboards, Lycane – drums and Eeire Cold – guitars.

Over the last couple of years, since I started doing Project Metal Music, I have started to hear some Metal and Rock bands that were coming out of Ukraine, one of those bands are Paganland. Now, I have been listening to a lot of music over the last 40 years, from a lot of countries, but in the last (like I said  before) couple of years this is the first real chance that I have heard of Metal that has come out of Ukraine, and from what I have heard of it, its been pretty good.

Now, the Gods Of Golden Circle is a track demo from 1999. So when I put the demo on to listen to it and whilst that was playing in the background (just to get a general vibe for it), I did a little bit of research on the band, I found that they are a Pagan Black Metal band. I was thinking, OK, this should be interesting to listen to! As I have listened to Black Metal before, but not the subgenre Pagan Black Metal, as this is a new subgenre for me.

The tracks that I like or I have found interesting are: Gods Of Golden Circle, Stribog Winds, Nightforest, Pikuj.

Gods Of Golden Circle, I like this songs as it is got that Black Metal sound, but with the Pagan Metal genre vibe, also the song (and throughout the demo) has some cool keyboards on it. Stribog Winds has some pretty good drumming on the track, and the guitars are good as well. Nightforest is a good track as they got some really cool guitars, drums and vocals, also they keys on this are a cool counterpoint to the other instruments. Pikuj is a cool little outro track, as this has some cool pan pipes on it.

Well, with Paganland being my first Pagan Black Metal band and the first Extreme Metal out of Ukraine, I must admit that listening to the Gods Of Golden Circle demo is really good and I really enjoyed it. Now I would recommend that you should go and check out Paganland on their Facebook page.

I would give Paganland and their Gods Of Golden Circle demo a 4.5 out of 5

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