Idlewar: Rite Album Review

Idlwar are a Hard Rock band from Orange County, California, USA. The band consists of James Blake – Bass and Vocals, Rick Graham – Guitar and Pete Pagonis – Drums.

When Rite was released in 2017, at the time I didn’t get it, as I was super busy developing the Across The Pond radio show. And when Idlewar announced last year, that they were touring the UK with the album, unfortunately I couldn’t get to see them as they weren’t at a place I couldn’t get to easily. So when they announced that they were to play at Trillians in Newcastle Upon Tyne UK on November 21st 2018 for the Fractured tour, and I had to go, so, went to see them, and picked up the Rite, along with the Fractured album.

As I put the Rite album on to listen to what the band has to offer. I have to say that the album is superb. Now the songs that either I liked or found interesting are:Sullen Moon, Break, Keep Your Word, Sing Loud, Come To Save, Hold On, Strain, Panic, Caught, Hang, You’re Gone.

With Sullen Moon, this track is a heavy blues song that I liked, as it has that energy that I came to like about Idlewar. Break is more of a Hard Rock track, but it has the Blues vibe to it with the bass and guitar riffs, couple that with James’ vocals and Peter’s drumming it one hell of a track. Keep Your word is another brilliant track, as it has some brilliant guitar work by Rick, with Peter and James’ playing, it culminates in a really good heavy track from Idlewar. Sing Loud might start off slow, but Peter cranks it up on the drums and Rick nails the guitar on the song. Hold On is an interesting song to me, because of the drumming from Pete, the timing that Pete uses on parts of the song I haven’t really heard before in Rock (I might have done, but not realized that I have)but it s good all the same. Strain is a hard hitting, thunderous track from the boys and everything on this song is brilliant. Hang is a song that I enjoyed, as it has some good drums from Peter, guitars from Rick and bass and vocals from James. You’re Gone has some really good riffs coming from Rick and some powerful drums, bass and vocals from Peter and James.

When I came to listen to the Rite, I knew it was going to be really good, I didn’t know how good it was going to be. I have listened to the album several times now and their is one or two tracks that I have put onto my personal playlist. If you are into the Hard Rock and Blues Rock genres or just looking for a new band to get into, then look no further than the brilliant Idlewar, as they will blow your mind at how good these guys are. You can check these guys out on their Facebook page for information.

I would give Idlewar and their album Rite a 5 out of 5 for an album that gets into your soul.

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