Alice Sweet Alice: Viola Organista – The Macabre Carnival Album Review

Alice Sweet Alice are Rock, Alternative Rock, Progressive Rock, Post Punk, Electropostpunkadelic band from Kansas City, MO, USA. The band consists of Liza Jean – Scott Martinez – Shadron Dennis – Felix Theo Wren – Brian Kline.

When I first heard of Alice Sweet Alice, it was in November of 2018 on The Rock Casserole radio show, as the show played a couple of songs from the band. when the show finished I got on talking to Scott via email, and he sent me the bands album Viola Organista – The Macabre Carnival.

As I put the album on to have a good listen to. My initial thoughts were good, as I delved even further into the album for a second listen, I have found that I really liked the vocals (especially the female vocals) and and the sound that the rest of the band have created to compliment those vocals.

The songs that either, I have found that I liked or I have found interesting are: Daredevil, Strange Things, Viola Organista… And Other Impossible Dreams, Little Miss Know It All, Osseus, Masochist, Floodwaters, The Hostage, Wednesday’s Child, Sucker and Smile.

I like Daredevil as it has a vibe for AC/DC at the beginning of the track and it continues with the drums throughout the track. Strange Things is a track that I have found interesting, as in the way that the guitars are played, as they have slightly different time to what the vocal time has, and this has definitely got my interest. Viola Organista… And Other Impossible Dreams I really like this track as this has an upbeat sound to it, and this song has gone onto my personal playlist. this is another track that has more of an upbeat sound to it, especially with the drums and the vocals are superb and on point. Osseus is a track that I did find interesting, as it is a more darker than the two previous tracks, as I think it has to do with the bass line that is on the track, which is really cool, but with everything that is on the song, I found it really cool. Floodwaters has a Prog Rock vibe to the song, especially on the guitars and bass, which it reminds me of Marillion in a way. The Hostage is a very atmospheric song, with the vocals and guitars, you need to hear this track, to hear what I am hearing, as I can’t really describe how good this song is. Wednesday’s Child is brilliant song, as this track has a brilliant combination of acoustic and electric guitars, with a violin playing throughout the song and the vocals are superb for the song. Sucker has a male vocalist for this track, I like this track, because, it is a good contrast between Female vocalist who was on most of the album, and this track.

The album that Alice Sweet Alice have created here is really good, as it has amazing musicianship and song writing throughout the offering. and I would highly recommend that you go and check out Alice Sweet Alice on their Facebook page.

I would give Alice Sweet Alice and their Viola Organista – The Macabre Carnival album a definite 5 out of 5 for a memorizing album

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