Wonderworld: Wonderworld III

Wonderworld are a Classic Rock band from Norway and Italy, the band consists of Roberto Tiranti – Vocals and bass, Ken Ingwersen – Guitar and Tom Fossheim – Drums.

Over the years that I have been listening to Rock and Metal, I come to appreciate the bands and music that have come out Europe. When I found out that Wonderworld hails from Norway and Italy, I had high expectations from the band, as Norway is a country that has produce some amazing bands and musicians throughout the decades and Italy recently (in the last three years, that I noticed) has been really stepping up their game on the Rock and Metal front. So when I put on the Wonderworld III on to get an initial vibe of the album, I wasn’t disappointed.

As I listened to the album for the second time, to get a better understanding of what the band have created, I have to say that they have got a really good album here in Wonderworld III. The tracks that I found that I liked or I have found interesting are: Background Noises, Stormy Night, Big Word, Crying Out For Freedom, A Mountain Left To Climb, Brand New Man, Rebellion, The Last Frontier, Stay Away From Me and There Must Be More.

Background Noises is a brilliant opener for the album, as it draws you in and makes you want to listen to the rest of the album. Stormy Night reminds me little of early Deep Purple especially of the opening riff, also their is some guitar riffs in the song that reminds me a little  and I like this – to me anyway – its like Wonderworld is giving a nod to the Rock bands from the seventies. Crying Out For Freedom is a good track, as it has some sweet guitars on the song. Brand New Man has a brilliant bass line going throughout song. Rebellion is a good song that will get your foot tapping and head nodding, as the song has some brilliant guitars and drums on this, and the keys really sets of the song, and the guitar solo about half way through is pretty good. Stay Away From Me is a song that interests me as it has a good combination of everything, its has got good guitars riffs, the vocals are on point, the bass and drums are good and they drive the song along. When I first heard There Must Be More, I liked it straight away, as it has some guitars that are brilliant, as they have some amazing little riffs throughout the song.

Overall, I really enjoyed listening to this album by Wonderworld, as it has everything that a Rock fan would want on it, going from cool riffs, brilliant drumming, excellent bass and the vocals are on point. I would recommend that you check Wonderworld out on the their Facebook page for all the information.

I would give Wonderworld and their album Wonderworld III a very respectable 4 out 5 for a really good album.

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