Wolfen Reloaded: Changing Time Album Review

Wolfen Reloaded are a Melodic Progressive Hard Rock / Metal band from Traunstein, Germany. The band consists of Christian Freimoser – Vocals, Wolfgang Forstner – Guitars, Thomas Rackl – Bass and Manuel Wimmer – Drums.

When I first heard of Wolfen Reloaded, it was when their record label Volcano Records sent me the album. As I listened to the Changing Time album – just to get the general vibe of the album before I do the review – I checked out the band on their Facebook page. When I found out that they are from Germany, I thought, Cool, Germany has produced, over the decades, quite a few Rock and Metal bands, such as Accept, Scorpions and Rammstein, just to name a few.

As I listened to the Changing Time album for the first time, like I said earlier, it was just to get a general vibe of it, and when I came to listen to it for the second time, it was to hear what the band had created. The songs that I have found that I liked or I have found interesting are: Amazing, Promised Land, All The Heroes, A Million Faces, Frozen, Tomorrow Never Comes, Judgement Day, All Hope Is Lost, Cyber Nation and New Horizon.

I liked the first track Amazing, because of the intro, the drums and guitars in the intro are brilliant and they continue throughout the song. Promised Land is another track that has a cool intro, as it has a cool riff to open the song, and the guitars continue to be good throughout the song. On All The Heroes, the vocals are really good on this track. Frozen has some brilliant shredding about half way through the track. All Hope Is Lost has a brilliant combination of Acoustic and Electric guitars, with some amazing Riffs on the track, Cyber Nation has a brilliant drum intro. New Horizon is a brilliant track overall as it has some amazing vocals and acoustic and electric guitars on the song.

Overall, I have found that I really liked the Changing Time album by Wolfen Reloaded, as it has a good blend of the instruments and vocals. I recommend that you go and check out Wolfen Reloaded on their Facebook page.

I would give Wolfen Reloaded and their album Changing Time a 4.5 out of 5 for a good solid album.

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