Fallen Fields: Oedipussy EP Review

Fallen Fields are a Rock and Metal band from Kingston Upon Hull, UK. The band consists of Mr Howlett – Guitar & Vocals, Mr Silburn – Bass and Mr Shepley – Drums.

Well, I wont bore you with what I have told already about why I got into the UK Rock and Metal scene, you can read what I said here.

Oedipussy is the second offering from Fallen Fields, and it is a brilliant EP from the band. Across the five track EP, some of the songs have various styles to them, such as the Foo Fighter and Elvis Costello. The songs that I found that I liked or that I have found interesting are: Chasing Shadows, Glorious Day, Fatal Sanctuary, Swayed, Serenado (Live at the BBC)

Chasing Shadows is a songs that has that Foo Fighters vibe which is pretty cool, Glorious Day is a song that has is a little bit more heavier in the guitars, and the vocals have a clean side throughout the song but the backing vocals have a more dirtier sound to them. Fatal Sanctuary is a track that reminds a little of Elvis Costello, especially in the vocals and guitars, which takes me back to the late seventies and early eighties. I am not to sure Swayed, the reason is, is the rap part of the vocals, other than that the overall song is pretty decent. Serenado is a pretty cool live version, this version was recorded live at the BBC.

Well, the Oedipussy EP is a brilliant offering, and I recommend that you should go and check Fallen Fields out on their Facebook page to find out more about the EP and what Fallen Fields are up to.

I would give Fallen Fields and their EP Oedipussy a 4.5 out of 5 for a good solid EP

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