Gravewards: Ruinous Ensoulment Album Review

Gravewards are a Death Metal band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Nikos (guitars,throat,lyrics), Fotis (bass), and Basilis Kyp (drums).

About five years back I took a break from music, as music at the time – to me anyway – was getting a bit stale, but when I got back into music, back in 2015, I saw that music turned a corner, as there is a lot of unsigned and independent bands out that were and still are making big waves. This one of the reasons why I started Project Metal Music, because I want to support the unsigned and independent bands, and there is a lot of them out there who are really good. Over the last few years I have gotten back into the Death Metal genre, not as heavily as I was twenty five years ago.

Now, I have come across some really good Death Metal bands in the last three years. When I put on the Gravewards album on for the first time, just to get a general vibe for what they are going for, my initial thoughts were pretty good, musically they are good, at first I wasn’t to sure about the vocals, but over the course of the first run through of the album, by the third song they vocals had grown on me.

When I sat down and listened the album for a second time, to listen to the tracks more closely, the songs that either I have I found that I liked or I have found interesting are: Sworn In Denial – Omega Syndrome, Souls Twisted Beyond Recognition, Crypt Spawned Psychosis, Deconstruction Of Logic, Thresholds Of Lunacy, Abyssal Soul Devourment and Devoid Of Life.

Sworn In Denial – Omega Syndrome has some really good guitars on this, as they do some cool shredding and the drums are on point. Souls Twisted Beyond Recognition is another track that some pretty cool guitars, and this is the track that I started to enjoy the vocals on. Crypt Spawned Psychosis is a cool song, with some cool drum and guitar work. I found Deconstruction Of Logic interesting because of the speed of the guitars and drums, which is pretty good, as it takes some skill to maintain the speed for any length of time, in this case six minutes. Abyssal Soul Devourment, I like this track because the tempo changes, with this track it goes from full on thrash/speed metal to a much more heavier sound on the guitars and drums. Devoid Of Life is one of my favourites off the Ruinous Ensoulment  album, as it has that Thrash Metal vibe to it and I also like the vocals on this as they work really well with the music.

Well, overall, I liked this offering from Gravewards, at first I wasn’t really sure about the vocals, but like I said earlier, over the course of the album the vocals grew on and by the end, I liked them.

If you are into the Death Metal genre and are looking for or if you are starting to into the genre, I would recommend that you go and check out Gravewards on the Facebook page, as this band is pretty cool.

I would give Gravewars and their album Ruinous Ensoulment a 4.5 out of 5 for a really good solid album.

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