Mongol: Warrior’s Spirit EP Review

Mongol are a Folk Metal band from Devon, Alberta, Canada. The band consists of Tev Tegri – Vocals, Zev – Lead Guitar, Folk Instruments, Clean Vocals, Zelme – Rhythm Guitar, Backup Vocals, Sorkhon Sharr – Bass, Sche-khe – Folk Instruments & Keyboards and Bourchi – Drums.

Over the last forty years, I only noticed a few music artists that are from Canada, but in the last three years, since I have been doing reviews, I noticed that there is a lot more to Canada – music wise – than Celine Dion, Crash Test Dummies and Bryan Adams. there are so many good bands that have come out of Canada over the last ten years, such as Striker, King Ring Nancy, Dream Aria, Bedrokk etc, and Mongol is one of them.

When I put on the Warrior’s Spirit EP on to listen to the EP to initially listen to and get a general vibe of what Mongol have created. My initial impressions are Damn these guys are good. This three track EP is a brilliant rendition of Folk Metal, as they blend the Folk instruments well with the Metal instruments.

The tracks that are on the EP are The Mountain Weeps, River Child and Warband. I do like all three tracks of the Warrior’s Spirit EP. All three tracks – like I said – have a brilliant blend of all instruments that they have used to create the EP. All the tracks stood out for me, but the one that really stood out for me is Warband, as the band made the song fluid, as in it moved in all directions, in other other words it flowed right, as it took you on a journey. All three songs did that, but Warband was the one that really stood out for that.

Mongol is another band that I have become a fan of, and I can’t wait to hear more from them. I would highly recommend that you go and check Mongol out on their Facebook page.

I would give Mongol and their EP Warrior’s Spirit a definite 4.5 out of 5, this is a damn good EP.

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