Issuna: Ez Dugu Aske Izateko Zuen Baimenik Behar Album Review

Issuna are a Crust / Punk band from Ermua, Biscay, Northern Spain. The band consists of Iker – Bass and Vocals, Bikendi – Guitar, Xabier – Guitar and Adei – Drums.

In the last few months, I have been getting quite a bit of music from a good few bands coming out Spain. All the bands that I have heard from Spain this year, have been really good, and Issuna is one of those bands. My initial impression of Issuna – after my initial listen to the album – was the music is good, but I wasn’t too sure about the vocals. They did my attention on that initial listen. But after a few more listens to the offering, I got what they were going for with the vocals. The vocals are in keeping with the Punk genre and what Punk stands for.

After a few listens, the song that either stood out or I liked, or I have that are interesting are: Saminaren gidariak, Dena egiteke, Pasioa. Entsalada egunak, Amaieraren hasiera, Pudorea and Nahiz eta heriotza. There are some songs on this album that are on the short side, they are list fillers for the album.

Saminaren gidariak, I like this track for the drum Intro and the overall sound of the song. With Dena egiteke, I like this for the aggression as it is the culmination of everything the band has musically and vocally, which I found that I liked. Pasioa, is a good song as it has a strong bass line, which help drive the song along really well. On Entsalada egunak, the guitars and bass on this song are brilliant they work really well with each other and in conjunction with the drums, and the vocals are on point. Amaieraren hasiera is an interesting song, in a way that the song comes in at one minute thirty-six seconds, it might be a short song, but it packs a punch, especially with the bass being at the forefront of the song. Pudorea, I like this song, as it has that certain energy, and I had found that I was starting to nod my head to the song.

Now that I have listened to the Ez Dugu Aske Izateko Zuen Baimenik Behar album, a good few times, and I must say that these have grown on me, to the point were I really this band, and yes even the vocals I like. So, I would recommend that you go and check out Issuna, as they are really good band.

I would give Issuna and their album a 4 out of 5, really good album

Note: Sorry I couldn’t find any social media links for the band, so if anyone has any links let me know.

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