Bastian: Grimorio Album Review

Bastian are a Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy band based out of Sicily, Italy. The band consists of the main guy Sebastiano Conti – guitars and compositor, and musicians that appeared on the Bastian albums: Michael Vescera – singer, Mark Boals – singer, Apollo Papathanasio – singer, Nicklas Sonne – singer, Vinny Appice – drum, Thomas Lang – drum, John Macaluso – drum, Federico Paulovic – drum, Giuseppe Leggio – drum, Stefano Ruscica – drum, Corrado Giardina – bass and James Lomenzo – bass.

When I came across Bastian last August (2017), I did a review of their Back To The Roots album. When Bastian sent me their new album Grimorio, I was thinking, OK, what have you got for me this time? So, I put the offering on to listen, and on my first listen and initial reaction of the Grimorio album was good. From the first track to the last, it got my interest pretty much straight away, like within the first ten seconds of Pale Figure, the first track off the album.

Across this album, which I have listened to on several occasions, I have found that I liked or I have found some of the songs interesting, they are: Pale Figure, Sly Ghosts, The Trip, Infinite Love, It’s Just A Lie, Southern Tradition, The Time Has Come, Epiphany Voodoo, Black Wood and Fallen Gods

Pale Figure is a good song, as in that the song that Sabbath vibe, but has a cleaner tone to it. Sly Ghosts is a good song musically as It has some pretty powerful guitars and drums, and the vocals are really good on this track. The Trip is one of those tracks, where you tap your foot and find yourself nodding along to the track, as the song has some sweet guitars, drums and vocals. Infinite Love is more of an Acoustic Rock song that which show the band as a can do different styles of rock and how good Sebastiano Conti as a song writer.

It’s Just A Lie, is another song that I have found that I was tapping my foot and nodding along to the track, the culmination of all the talents of the band have created a song that I have put into my personal playlist. Southern Tradition is a bit more grittier on the guitars than some of the other songs off the album, which I like. The Time Has Come has a Bluesy vibe to the song, especially on the guitars. Epiphany Voodoo has that Blues vibe running throughout the song, which is pretty cool, as this show that they diversify and branch out into other genres of music. Fallen Gods, is an interesting song, that I liked, it has a doom feeling to it, has it has some pretty good guitars and drums, which are on the heavy side, and the vocals are on point.

Overall, I have found that I really enjoyed the Grimorio album by Bastian, as they have done a superb job in recording this offering. If you like the Rock, Hard Rock or Heavy genres or just looking for a new band then look no further than Bastian, go and check the band out on their Facebook page for more information.

I would give Bastian and their album Grimorio a definite 4.5 out of 5 I highly recommend this album.

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