Ground: I Album Review

Ground are a Sludge Metal duo from Barcelona, Spain. The band consists of Marcos – Guitar and Isaac – Drums.

Over this last year or so, I have have seen a insurgence from bands coming from Spain, especially from the Barcelona area. Ground is in good company, as there are other good bands from the Barcelona area of Spain and they are Avida Dollars, Flames At Sunrise and Astray Valley, just to name just a few.

Now, I have had the chance to listen to the I album from Ground, I got to say that this album is pretty cool offering from Ground, as they have combined the Sludge Metal with a bit of Doom in there for good measure. The songs that I have found that I liked or I found interesting are: Ritual, Penumbra, Destello, Implora, Tormenta, Cazador, Destierro, Inmundo, Maldito, and Cenizas.

I liked Penumbra, as I liked the drums on this song, to me they drive the song along and coupled that with some really good heavy guitars, this song is one of my favourites from the band. Like Penumbra, Destello has some good heavy guitars, the drums are good and the vocals are on point. Implora – to me anyway – has that Thrash Metal vibe to it, as it has that aggression vibe to the song, but it is still in the Sludge and Doom Metal genre, and the song is another favourite of mine. Tormenta is more of a Doom Metal song rather than a Sludge Metal track, as this has a more slower and heavier drums and bass on this track and the vocals are more – in parts – growl reminiscent Black and Death Metal or even a touch of Grindcore. Destierro has got some really good distorted guitars on this track, especially on the intro, and it carries on throughout the song, plus it has some pretty intense vocals as well. When I played Inmundo, I instantly liked the track, because of the intro of the song, it has some seriously heavy and dirty guitars at the beginning and throughout the song, in a way, the way the band has constructed Inmundo – musically to me anyway – reminds me of some Sabbath songs from the seventies. Maldito is another song that has some really good guitar work, the culmination of everything on this track from the guitars, to drums, to bass, and to the vocals is good, and I found that this is one of my favourites of the album. Cenizas is another track that is a favorite of mine, I don’t know why, but I think it might be the drums and guitars that are working well on this track, as they give that something to the song, and it has some sweet riffs near the end of the song.

Well, overall Ground has produced a stunning album in I, as each song has characteristics that will make you say, Oh damn, this is good, I like this. each song is different from the last and it will hold your interest throughout this ten track album. If you are looking for a new band or if you are into the Sludge Metal genre, then I would highly recommend that you go and check out Ground on their Facebook page.

I would give Ground and their album I a 4.5 out of 5 as the album offers up something good with each song.

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