Lou Quinse: Lo Sabbat Album Review

Lou Quinse are a Folkcore, Folk Metal band from Turin, Italy. The band consists of IX . L’ERMITE – voice and growls, I . LO BAGAT – diatonic accordeon, VII . LO CARRETON – flutes and pipes, XIX . LO SOLELH – guitars and Irish bouzouki, XVIII . LA LUNA – bass guitar and . LO MAT – drums and percussion.

Over the last 20 plus years, I have come across a lot of music and a lot of genres, and in the last few years, I have been listening to a lot of Folk Metal, Folk Rock etc with such bands as Driven Serious. As I came across Lou Quinse a few months ago, I was thinking when I first played the Lo Sabbat, OK, this is good, Damn Good!! and that was the second song, Chanter, Boire et Rire Rire. Over time, when I had the chance, I would listen to the Lo Sabbat album when I could, and I totally loved it.

The tracks that I have found that I liked or I have interesting are: Sus la Lana, Chanter, Boire et Rire Rire, Diu Fa’ ma Maire Plora, La Dançarem Pus, Dessús la Grava de Bordeau, Giga Vitona, Purvari et Palli, Lou Boier, La Martina, La Marmòta and Sem Montanhòls

On Chanter, Boire et Rire Rire, it was straight in face, no holds barred song, where it went straight for the throat, and it made you instantly headbang like a madman, the reason is that, everything on this song is perfect, form the guitars to the drums, basically everything. Diu Fa’ ma Maire Plora, follows on from the second track, and I thought that it was the second song, and I was like Damn, this is good. La Dançarem Pus has that Arabic vibe going on with the drums, as the drums are epic as hell. Dessús la Grava de Bordeau, on this track the opening combination of drums and guitar are superb, and sets the rest of the song up to be a perfect combo of everything that the band has done on this track. Giga Vitona, is a track that uses the Accordeon to brilliant effect, as it one of the predominant instruments on the song, and it works well within the Metal genre. The Irish Bouzouki on Purvari et Palli is brilliant at the being of this track, and i love the sound of it with the other instruments that Lou Quinse uses. La Marmòta has some excellent pipes and flutes at the start of the song and then it goes straight into a thunderous bass line, which continues throughout the track. Sem Montanhòls is a track that surprised me, as this is the last track off the album, and this particular track is a marked slow track compared to the rest of the album, this track is a welcomed respite and it will chill you out after you became a hot sweaty mess from the rest of the album.

Well, overall Lou Quinse is one hell of a band that you need to go and check, as they are a MUST listen to band to get the full experience of the Lo Sabbat album, To check them out go to their Facebook page for more Information.

I would give Lou Quinse and their album Lo Sabbat a 5 out of 5, for combining Folk and Metal and creating something really special.

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