Dean James And The Black Dogs: The Truth Album Launch

When I heard that Dean James was going to release a new album earlier in the year, I got excited to see what he and the band had came up with, as I have heard his previous Pure and I had high hopes to see what he came up with when the launch gig happened.

The gig for the Truth launch party was held at The Cluny in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. As I got there at 6:30pm, I was waiting around for about an hour, as I only been to The Cluny once, and that was nearly two years ago, as I saw Idlewar there. So I had to make sure I could get there, I went a different way from the last time.

Well, 7:30pm came, and the doors opened to let the people in, and I met up with Dean James, as I asked him earlier in the day if I could an interview with him for my radio show, and he agree to it, so, we went and did the interview, I would like to give a massive Thank You to Dean James for doing the interview, I totally appreciate it. I will broadcast the interview on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Thursday 4th of October 2018, from 4pm EST to 7pm EST (USA) or 9pm to midnight (UK) and you can catch the show only on Digital Revolution Radio, where you Can Hear It Loud & Clear.

As the time drew closer for the gig to start, I was getting excited, as I haven’t see Dean James And The Black Dogs in over a year, and I haven’t seen the band play live with the current line up.


When the gig started, the first band that came on stage is Ordinaryson, a twisted soul, acoustic, indie, rock band from Berwick Upon Tweed. Now, I haven’t seen these guys before, and I was looking forward to see what they had to offer, and when they were introduce to the crowd – and there was at least 100 to 150 people there – the band got a warm welcome to the stage, So they started their set, and at first I was thinking OK, two guys on acoustic guitars, one on electric guitar, one on bass and a drummer, so, lets see what you got! I was standing close to the stage, to one side, so I can get a decent view of the stage and the bands. For the first ten to fifteen minutes of Ordinaryson’s set, I wasn’t looking at the band, as I was looking at the bar and I cut out all the stimulus and I concentrated on the band, and when I did that I found that I totally loved the band’s sound and what they where playing. In that time, when  I blocked everything out other that the band, I came to realize that Ordinaryson is a very tight outfit. So when I did focus my attention back onto the stage, the band was really enjoying themselves and were glad to be there, as they were rocking out, which came across, and myself and the crowd picked up on, so much so that some of the crowd came down to the front of the stage and started dancing. When the band started their set, it started off relatively slow and throughout their set, they were building up and by the end, the crowd were really enjoying Ordinaryson’s music, and so was I. Whilst the band was playing especially near the end of the set, I noticed the drummer, he was really going for it, and I was blown away by him, as his passion for the band and what they were doing was infectious, and this was one of the reasons why the crowd were enjoying the band so much. As their set came to a close, there was a big cheer from me and the crowd for them, and there were some people calling for and encore, as they just finished their set and were just about to come off stage, so they obliged with one more song.

Dean James And The Black Dogs

Well, what can I say about Dean James And The Black Dogs. Over the last two and half years, since March of 2016, this band has constantly impressed me each Time I have seen them, whether it has been a full electric or acoustic gigs, or a mixture of both. The last time that I saw the band was in June of 2017, and it was with the drummer and bassist of Crease, who was originally the members the backing band The Black Dogs, but in the intervening year, the drummer and bassist left The Black Dogs to concentrate on their own band Crease as they have released their own album. So Dean James has put – in that time – together another The Black Dogs band for the Truth album. As I was waiting for Dean James to come on stage, the excitement in the room was mounting, as more and more people were coming down in front of the stage, When the time came for Dean James and the band to take to the stage, there was a good few people there, and when GEM UK Records introduced Dean James the crowd just erupted, by cheering and shouting Deano! Deano! When Dean James and the band came on stage to started their set, everyone quietened down, as the intro music came on, and they took there places, and thats when they started.

They started with a song from the Truth album called Another Way, which is one hell of a song to start off with. Now, I have only heard this on the video that was released a few weeks back, and I loved it, but to hear it live, it was something else, the only way I can describe it is when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up when you hear or do something enjoyable, this was one of those moments, but times ten more intense, with that opening song of the set the bar really high and it never dropped.

Over the course of the set I was and a lot of the crowd so pumped, people were dancing, the atmosphere was electric, as everyone was totally enjoying the gig and what Dean James And The Black Dogs had created with the Truth album. As the set wore on they played some tunes from the Pure album, such as Cole for example. But when they played Hollywood – which myself and the fans have heard live before – the crowd just erupted as everyone was singing along to the song, and more people started to dance, as Hollywood is a crowd favourite.

As the set wore on, I looked at the time, and unfortunately I had to bail on the gig, as I rely on public transport, I had to leave at 10:30pm to get back to Sunderland to get the last bus home.

Well, from what I saw of the of the gig, I have to say that Dean James and The Black Dogs really, and I mean REALLY knocked it out of the ball park at this gig. Over the last two and a half years since I have been following the band, Dean James has really improved vocally, but also with his guitar playing, as he went from acoustic guitar to electric guitar, and with a new line up in the The Black Dogs, the overall sound has dramatically changed for the better, as Dean James found the right sound and style that he was striding for.

So. I would totally and highly recommend that you go and check out Dean James And The Black Dogs on their Facebook page, and to check them out live, as they put on one hell of a show. Also, check out Ordinaryson on their Facebook page as this was also amazing.

I would normally give a rating to a gig that I went to, but this gig was good I couldn’t give one, as it would be of the charts.

To see some of the  photos that I took of the show, you can see a video that I have created on the Project Metal Music’s YouTube Channel.

Project Metal Music


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