Legacy Live Music Fest

When I heard that the Legacy Bar in Sunderland, UK, was doing an All Day Music Festival, on September 8th 2018, I had to go to it, as there was twelve bands on across two floors of the bar.

The bands that were playing at the bar were a mixture of Punk and Alternative Rock. So as the day came, I got to the Legacy at around 11:30am, thirty minutes before the official time that the doors opened for the gig, so I had a seat outside for ten minutes before I went in. As I went in, I got on talking to a couple of people that I knew to pass the time until the first band came on.

The first band that came on was Longtooth & Wasterman, now this duo is two singers using a drum and bass program that was on their mobile phone, they are a Punk duo but they use the drum and bass genre within their act. now with this I just couldn’t get into them, to me the lyrics was bland and repetitive, their backing music was… to me it a cross between EDM, Industrial and Punk, I can understand why people like their style, I watched the first ten minutes of their set, but I had to go outside, as I couldn’t listen to any more of their set.

Now when Longtooth & Wasterman came off stage, the gig was was sort of in limbo as the people didn’t know who was up next, so about an hour or so, there was no band playing that I was aware of. As I was talking to some people, I found out that some of the bands had to pull or drop out of the festival due to various reasons, so the next band that was on was Spitfire Bullets, now I have been meaning to see these guys for about two years, and on the Saturday September 8th 2018 was the first time I saw them and from what I have been told was that they were good instrumentally, but horrible on the vocals, but at the Legacy, I was talking to a guy and he said after two to three songs said that  have improved dramatically on the vocals, whether that is true or not, I don’t know as this was the first time that I saw this band, but from what I saw, they were pretty good.

Well over the course of the day, the bands were getting up on stage more frequently and were getting back on time. Now I didn’t catch all the bands as I was out side talking to a few that I know, but I could hear some of the bands, especially the ones that were playing downstairs in the main bar, and from what I could hear they were pretty good.

The next band that I saw was Void, now this band has two female vocalist, but unfortunately one of them had to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances, so one of the guitarists stepped up whilst playing the guitar and help out with the vocal duty. Now, from what I understand and from what I saw the guitarist is a really good singer. As you can image, with the slight change in the dynamics of the band with one of the normal singers who had to drop out, the other singer was a bit nervous, but the whole band rallied round and pulled off a great set, in such short amount of time.

From what I was told that three bands had to drop for various reasons, one was that one of the drummers was in hospital. So the remaining bands when on stage and over time, one by one, the bands got up on stage did their sets, and then it was time for one the bands that I came to see, PussyWillowFurryVenus. As they came on stage, the event was running about an hour behind, but nobody in the audience cared as they were having a brilliant time. The band done some of their classics, such as Sticky Vicky, Hateful, Black Dahlia, etc and also they done some newish stuff such as Snakehead Bitch Tits and Wisdom Of The Slave, which is one of my favourite tracks from them. As they were going through their set, the crowd was going mental for them, to the point where some people started a mosh pit, which is always good to see as it is a good indicator that the band (any band) is doing something right, as in that the audience likes the band’s music and what they are doing.

As the gig was wrapping up at around 11pm, I must say I had an awesome time at the Legacy, as did a lot of people. There was well over 400 people (throughout the day) that came to the gig, some people came for certain bands some came, like myself, for the whole gig.

If you ever get the chance and are in the area, you have to go to the Legacy Bar, as it is a brilliant place for live music, and it has excellent transport links, as it is literally next to the main bus station for Sunderland, and also a five minute walk from the train station.

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