Drowned: 7th Album Review

Drowned are a Death and Thrash Metal band from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. The band consists of Fernando Lima – Vocals, Kerley Ribeiro – Guitars, Marcos Amorim – Guitars, Rafael Porto – Bass and Beto Loureiro – Drums.082647.jpg

Now, when I got the 7th album through a few weeks back, I thought, OK, What do we have here? So I put it on, just to get a general idea of what the band was offering. From my initial impressions of the band and album were pretty good. Over the course of listening to the 7th album on several occasions, my initial impression were correct, as I stated to really like the band.

Like I said, I have listened to the 7th album several times, the tracks that I found that I liked or I have found Interesting are: The Bitter art of Detestation, Rage before some Hope, Toothless Messiah, Murder, Sex, Hate and More…, Violent March of Chaos, Damaged Wood Coffin, Epidemic and God Selfishness, Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil, Timebomb Conscience, KRH317 and Ministry of National Inquisition.266407.jpg

I have found with Rage Before Some Hope, I liked the vocals on this song, as it has both clean and dirty on it. On Toothless Messiah, I liked the drums and guitars on this, as it makes the song really good in a way that they drive the song along and easily listened to song. Violent March of Chaos has a good intro that I loved, as it sets up the song brilliantly, the guitar riff starts there and carries on throughout the song. Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil is another song that caught my attention with the drumming, as it is brilliant, it is the same with the guitars, those really work well on this track. On Timebomb Conscience, I loved the way the guitars sound on this song as they have a brilliant balance and heaviness to them that sets the songs overall sound throughout.761840.jpg

As I have listened to this album on several occasions, I must have to admit that Drowned are a damn good band and they have created a brilliant offering. Over the last few years since I started Project Metal, I have noticed that Brazil has been producing some pretty awesome bands such as Brutallian, Thunderspell and Cavina, just to name just a few. And Drowned is one of those bands that are brilliant. So I would highly recommend that you go and check Drowned out on their Facebook page.

I would give Drowned and their album 7th a 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliantly good and heavy album that got me headbanging.

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