Shades Of Sorrow: Ascension Album Review

Shades Of Sorrow are Heavy Rock and Metal band from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. The band consists of Mike Taylor, Pascal Deslongchamps, Monise Ouellette and Julien Leblanc.

Over the last three years, ever since I started doing Project Metal Music, I have listen to a lot of music that has come out of Canada, with such bands as Motion Device, King Ring Nancy, and Uncle Sid, just to name a few bands.

As I put on the Ascension album by Shades Of Sorrow on, just to get a general idea of what the band has created on this offering. After my initial listen to the album, I have found that Shades Of Sorrow have made a pretty decent album in the Ascension.

When I did a more in-depth listen to the Ascension album I have found some songs that I liked or I have found interesting, those are: On A Hot Summer Night, Soul Hyperdrive, Fall From Grace, Ascension, Parade Of Lunatics, Tome Of Deceptions, Move, Starblazer and Sleepless.

Fall From Grace is on of those songs that I like, it is primarily an acoustic guitar track, and with the added soulful vocals from Monise, I have found that I liked this track. Ascension is another track that I like, it is because of Monise’s soaring vocals and the heaviness of the guitars. Like Ascension, Parade Of Lunatics is a track that is really good to the point that it has a brilliant breakdown in the middle of the songs, and it has some amazing guitars and really good vocals from Monise. Now, with Starblazer, I really liked this track and it is a favourite of mine, as it is more fast pace than other songs and it also have some pretty cool riffs and shreds on the track, and I totally dig the vocals from Monise. On Sleepless, Monise’s vocals are truly brilliant on this track.

Now, if you like the Rock and Metal genres that comes out of Canada or just wanting to listen to a new band, then I would Recommend that you go and check Shades Of Sorrow out on their Facebook page.

I would give Shades Of Sorrow and their album Ascension a 4.5 out of 5, brilliant album.

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