Fleckt Pets and Void Gig @ Legacy Bar In Sunderland

When I found out that Void was playing the Legacy Bar again, it was after their last gig they did with PWFV on July 7th 2018, as I was talking to the bassist of the band David and he said that they were playing there again, so I said I’ll be down again to see them.

About a week before the gig, I found out out they were playing on the July 28th, also I saw who they playing with, and the band was Fleckt Pets. Now I have seen Fleckt Pets before, back in 2016 when Waste Of Space supported them when they played Pop Recs Ltd, When I saw them then, I thought that these were really good, and started following them on Facebook, and ever since I have been trying to get to see them again, so when they announced that they were playing Sunderland I jumped at the chance to go and see them again.

As I got to the Legacy pretty early, I got on talking to a couple of people I knew there until the gig started. About 10 minutes before void started their I quickly set up my mobile studio to record the show. As I got finished setting up, I got on talking to the the bassist of Void to see if I could grab a couple members of the group for an interview after they come off stage and he said, Yeah I’ll arrange it.


When I first saw Void a few weeks back, they were nervous, especially the two singers, but as the set went on, they got more confident, this time around they weren’t as nervous, and had more confidence and pretty much started rocked out, just after a of songs. After about fifteen minutes into the gig, the drummer had technical difficulties with the drum set, and the singers were having a little bit of a banter with the crowd, saying along the lines, “Oh, our drummer is some having technical issues with his drums, we’ll be right back”, which I found that they are growing not only within themselves, but more singers, also the band as a whole is becoming more gelled and more confident with themselves to overcome any tech issues.

I will keeping a close eye this band, as they have some serious potential, as they have impressed me enough these past two gigs that I have seen them.

I did a quick interview with the two singers, and they said to that they are in the process of writing material for an EP, and they are hoping to get into the studio within the next year to record the EP, so watch this space.

Fleckt Pets

When Fleckt Pets came on stage, they did a quick sound check, and then they pretty much went straight into their set. When I first saw Fleckt Pets back in 2016, it was at Pop Recs Ltd, and at the time I didn’t know what to expect from them. When they did their set then, the singer started go out into the crowd to mingle, but then he went into the toilet, came back out and then went outside and started running up and down the street, whilst still singing.

This time was pretty much the same, he did a couple of songs on stage, but when they got a couple of songs into the set, he stared to wonder in the crowd and the crowd were loving it, and they were rocking out with him. Over the course of their set, the crowd were cheering, clapping and really enjoying the music from Fleckt Pets. As the last two songs were upon us, Tom the singer decided to take off his shirt to do the last two songs. As they finished their set, the crowd were shouting We want more and One more, One more, but to no avail.

Overall, Fleckt Pets were as good, if not better, since the last time I saw them.

I did record the whole gig and I will be broadcasting the show on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond on Thursday night (August 2nd 2018) at 4pm est (USA), 9pm (UK Time), on Digital Revolution Radio, plus you will hear some interviews I managed to get from the bands, so tune in.

Overall both bands are brilliant live, and if you ever get the chance to see them live, go see them. Void and Fleckt Pets have Facebook pages so go check them out on their

Project Metal Music

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