A Tear Beyond: Humanitales Album Review

A Tear Beyond is a Gothic – Industrial – Visual band from Vicenza, Italy. The band consists of CLAUDE ARCANO vocals, IAN guitars, UNDESC guitars, CANCE bass, PHIL keybs and orchestra and SKANO drums.

Now, when I first got A Tear Beyond’s album Humanitale through, I put it on, whilst I was listening to it, I did a bit of research on them, and when I found out that they are a Gothic and Industrial band from North East Italy, I could hear instantly the Goth and the Industrial. I am a big fan of the Gothic and Industrial genres, but not as a big a fan of NWOBHM. In the eighties, when I was a kid, Gothic was at its height and I used to listen to it quite a lot, and that’s why I am a huge fan of the genre.

As I listened to the album, on a more in-depth level, I noticed that have some cool guitars, and the orchestral arrangements are brilliant on this, as it brings all the music together and makes its sound more epic. Now, as I went through the album, on some of the tracks A Tear Beyond do sound similar to Rammstein, which I am a fan of Rammstein.

The tracks on the Humanitales album that I found that I liked or that I found interesting are: Humanitales, Frolic, Sentence, So Deep Out There, Angels Out Of Grace, Inugami, Damned Paradise, Inadequacy, Tale, The Frozen Night.

Humanitales is the opening track and is only 1 minute 42 seconds long. When the piano starts with the choral parts I thought, This is going to be epic, and the rest of the instruments kicks in, its really sets up the rest of the album. On Frolic the singer of A Tear Beyond sounds very similar to Till Lindemann of Rammstein. So Deep Out There is on the slow side of things, but it is still a good song, as I like the clean and the dirty vocals on this. On Inugami, I like this track for the mix of the orchestral and metal guitar, Tale is the longest track on the Humanitales album, coming in at over 15 minutes long, as you can imagine this track is epic, as it takes you on a rollercoaster of a journey.

After I have listened this album on several occasions over the last few days, I have become a big fan of A Tear Beyond, as they have combined the Gothic and the Industrial brilliantly. If you are into the Industrial and Gothic genres, or you are wanting to listen to a new band, then A Tear Beyond is the band for you. I highly recommend that you go and check these guys out on their Facebook page for more information.

I would give A Tear Beyond and their album Humanitales a 5 out of 5 for the most Excellent album

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