Black Sunday Dream: Music Review

Black Sunday Dream are a Hard Rock and Metal band from San Lorenzo, California, USA. The band consists of Brian George (guitar), Donald Hillier (Vocals), Terrence Allen (Bass) and Dennis Galway (Drums).

When I heard of Black Sunday Dream, it was a few weeks ago, was when they sent me their music through. As I put the music on, I was pleasantly surprised at what I heard, as my initial reaction was OK, these guys are pretty decent. As I listened to the music a few more times to get a better Idea of what they are like, as I listened, I have found that a lot of the tracks I either liked or found interesting and they are: The Inheritors, On The Run, People Get Ready, Power, Black Sunday, Dead Man, Flight Of Innocence, High Crimes, Iron Heart, The Joker, Nothin I Can Do, World On Fire, Rat Race, Broken Dreams and Killer.

On The Run, is a pretty cool song, as it has the heaviness in the guitars and drums, and it has that brilliant driving force that would get you moving, even through that on parts of the song have some slow parts to it. People Get Ready has that eighties vibe within the guitars and vocals, that got my foot tapping along to the song. Black Sunday is a really good song, as it has some really gritty de-tuned guitars, and the pace of the track is on the slow side, but it does give that gravitas to the subject matter of the song. Dead Man has some really cool riffs on this song and the vocals are pretty good. High Crimes has that slight AC/DC vibe to the song. Iron Heart is a riff and shredding spectacular and it is a must listen to song, if you are a fan of the Riff and the Shred. I could see World On Fire a brilliant driving anthem, as it has pounding drumming that is brilliant, plus there is some sweet shredding. When I listened to Broken Dreams, my initial thoughts were, This sounds a little like Led Zeppelin, and when I heard it again, I thought Yep, definitely Zeppelin.

Well, after I listened to the music by Black Sunday Dream, I must admit that, they are a really good Hard Rock and Metal band, and I will be playing their music on my radio show in the coming weeks. If you are a fan of the riff and the shred, you will love Black Sunday Dream, and if you are looking to get into a new band, then look no further with these guys, as I would recommend them. So go and check these guys out on their Facebook page.

I would give Black Sunday Dream and their music a 4.5 out of 5.

Project Metal Music.


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