Jupiter Zeus: Eyes On the Prize EP Review

Jupiter Zeus are an Alternative Metal band from Perth, Australia, The band consists of Simon Staltari – Vocals, Guitar, Aaron Smith – Drums, Jeremy Graham – Bass and Michael Lawson – Lead Guitar.

Now, when it comes to Australia, I have been fascinated with the country’s music for decades, ever since the early eighties. Over those years, I have seen the music scene there develop, into a diverse sphere of genres that goes from pop to rock and metal and everything in between.

When Jupiter Zeus sent me through the Eyes On The Prize EP, I was thinking, OK, Australia is really stepping up their game on the rock and metal front. As there has been several bands that have come out of the country over the years. With such bands like AC/DC, Greystone Canyon, Scoparia, Mattersphere and Divine Ascension, just to name a few. then Jupiter Zeus is in good Rocking company.

As I have been listening to the offering from Jupiter Zeus, on and of over the last week or so, my initial response to the EP was pretty good. When I came to do this review I have to say that I am really impressed with Jupiter Zeus, with the guitars and drums. The songs that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: Eyes On The Prize, Saviour with Destruction, Read it and Weep, Midnight Renegade, Arise and Broken Plates.

Eyes On The Prize, I love the thunderous guitars on this, as they start from the beginning of the song and carry on throughout the track, plus there is a sweet riff solo, which is way cool. Saviour with Destruction is a brutal track, with its fast pack, heavy duty guitars and drums.

Throughout this EP, there is some awesome guitar work. If you love the intensity of drums, guitars, well, basically everything that a good Metal band should have, you are going to love Jupiter Zeus. I would highly recommend this band to you, so go and check them out on their Facebook page, you will not regret it, as this band is awesome.

I would give Jupiter Zeus and their Eyes On The Prize EP a 5 out of 5 a total guitar fest of an EP, this will make any guitar fan drool with envy.

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