Invertia: The Crimson Screen Vol. 1 EP Review

Invertia are an Oppressive Industrial Black Metal band from New England, USA, The band consists of Dave Coppola – Guitarist/Vocalist and Tim Winson – Programmer/Keyboardist.

When Invertia sent me the The Crimson Screen Vol.1 through, I didn’t know what to make of it at first, as this was a new genre of Black Metal to me, but after I listened to the EP a good few times, over a few days that I came to enjoy the intricacies of the guitars and the keyboards.

As I did some research on the band, I found out that, when Invertia wrote the EP The Crimson Screen Vol. 1, they took inspiration from the movie genre of horror, which I quite like.

The tracks of this four song EP are Lykanthropos, Cast No Shadow, Face On His FaceĀ  and Created From Cadavers. Of the four songs that I liked or found interesting are: Is all of them. but the one that really took my interest is Face On His Face, as this has some cool guitars on this song.

Overall, I have found that this EP was pretty intense, fast paced and brutal. If you are a fan of this genre and the fast paced brutality, then Invertia is your band. I would recommend that you go and check these guys out, either on their Facebook page or website.

I would give Invertia and their EP The Crimson Screen Vol. 1 a 4 out of 5 really enjoyed the EP

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