Decibel Demon: Declassified Album Review

Decibel Demon are a Thrash Metal and Hard Rock band from New Orleans, USA. The band consists of Brian Jeffrey (vocal), Francis M. Howard (guitars), Scott W. Latour (bass), and Moyses M. Howard (drums).

Over the last 40 years, I have listened to a lot of music, especially Rock and Metal. Throughout eighties, I listened to quite a bit of early Thrash Metal. Some of those bands from that time, as I just can’t quite remember. When I got the Declassified album by Decibel Demon sent to me, and I put it on to see what the they have to offer, and when I was listening to it, it was playing in the background, I was thinking to myself, Hang on, I am sure I remember this band from the eighties. When I looked at the press pack that was sent to me with the album, the band came out around 1987, now that jogged a memory, where I seem to remember that someone I knew had one of their albums.

Well, I have listen to the Declassified several times now, and the album has transported me back to a time where bands, musicians etc explored the wonderful world of Thrash Metal (which was still experimental in the mid eighties). Now, the tracks that I have found that I liked or found interesting this album are: Look Out Lighted, Sinful Operation, Final Holocaust, Decibel Demon, Space Dusted, Speed Freak, Black Night and Night Wing.

The track Decibel Demon is one of my favourites of the album, as it has some awesome guitars on there, and the vocals are on point and they work brilliantly with the music that the rest of the band are doing on this song. Space Dusted is another song that has really caught my attention with the guitars and vocals.

Well, If you are into the Thrash Metal genre or looking for a new band to get into, then Decibel Demon is the band for you. I would recommend that you go and check these guys out on Bandcamp.

I would give Decibel Demon and the Declassified album a 4.5 out of 5 really good old school thrash band.

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