Affasia: Adrift In Remorse EP Review

Affasia are a Dark Atmospheric Metal band from Richmond, Virginia, USA. The band consists of Noah Cabitto – Vocals, Jason Jennings – Guitars, Nick Lucente – Bass, Adam Coffman – Keys and Tony Petrocelly – Drums & Recording Engineer.

In the last few years, I have been receiving a lot of different genres of Rock and Metal and in recent months, I have started to receive Dark Atmospheric Metal, I would say it is akin to sort of Doom and with a hint of maybe Symphonic.

When I got Adrift In Remorse EP from Affasia a a couple weeks ago, I put the EP on just to get the general vibe of what the band was going for and after I have listened to the EP on several occasions, my initial impressions are that they are good.

The four tracks of the EP are Another Host, Dissolute, Brittle Sentiment and As You Never Were. Out of the four tracks of the EP, all of them I do like, as they have some really good vocals, drums and guitars. The stand out tracks for me are Another Host and As You Never Were, as these have something that I can’t put my finger on.

If you are into the Dark Atmospheric Metal or just looking to get into a new genre or band, then look no further than Affasia, as these guys are pretty good. So I would recommend that you go and check them out on their Facebook page, as it has all in the information there for Bandcamp etc. I am starting to really get into this genre of Metal. If this is what the quality of the music that is the genre, then I would say to Affasia is, Thank You for getting me into the genre, as I do like what I am hearing from it.

I would give Affasia and their EP Adrift In Remorse 4.5 out of 5 for a properly good EP.

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