Tokyo Blade: Unbroken Album Review

Tokyo Blade are a New Wave Of British Heavy Metal from Wiltshire, UK. The band consists of John Wiggins – Guitar, Alan Marsh – Vocals, Andy Boulton – Guitar, Steve Pierce – Drums and Andy Wrighton – Bass.

When I was checking the messages on the PMM’s Twitter account, 3Ms Music UK had messaged me to see if I was willing to do a review for the band Tokyo Blade, and I said Yeah, email the music over. Over the course of the last few days, prior to doing this review, the name Tokyo Blade was swirling around in my head, and I was thinking, Where have I heard that name before? It wasn’t up until when I did a little bit of research that it came to me, that I have heard of these guys before, back in the early to mid eighties.

When I started to listen to the Unbroken album by Tokyo Blade, I was immediately struck by what they are going for on the album, a Classic Metal vibe of the eighties, with riffs and shredding galore. On some of the songs there is a slight hint of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, especially on the guitars.

Well the songs that I have found myself liking or found interesting are: Devils Gonna Bring You Down, Bullet Made Of Stone, Burn Down The Night, The Man In Black, Dead Again, Bad Blood, Black Water, Stings, The Last Samurai  and My Kind Of Heaven.

On Bullet Made Of Stone, Dead Again, Bad Blood, Black Water, The Last Samurai, I totally love the shredding and riffs on these tracks, as I love the way Wiggins and Boulton attack the guitars. On Burn Down The Night might be a slower song but it has that heaviness with the guitars, but it is the bass and drums that brings it altogether for me. The bass intro to The Man In Black is a cool touch, and the bass continues to be a lead factor on this track, which I liked on this track. Bad Blood is a kick ass track, as takes me back to the eighties where the Metal riff was king!! The Last Samurai is a brilliant track, as it is a rollercoaster, as it goes from a relatively fast pace track to a slower track and then back again and it is a shred laden from start to finish.

I have to say that after listening to the Unbroken on several occasions, I have become a fan of Tokyo Blade. I will be playing one or two tracks by these on up and coming shows of Project Metal Across The Pond radio show If you are into the NWOBHM and Classic Metal or looking for new band to get into, look no further than Tokyo Blade, so I highly recommend that you go and check these guys out on their Facebook page or their website.

I would give Tokyo Blade and their album Unbroken a 4.5 out of 5, If you love riffs, you gonna love this album.

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