Era Capricorn: I Wander Alone Album Review

Era Capricorn are a Metal band from Essen, Germany. The band consists of Alex – Guitars / Bass / composition / Artwork and Marina – Keys / Synths / Band-Font / Artwork / Logo.

Over the last good few years, I noticed that there is a lot of bands coming out of Germany. the most notable metal bands that have come out of the country is Rammstein,  Accept and the Scorpions. Era Capricorn is another brilliant band that hails from Germany.

When I got the I Wander Alone album through the other week, I started to listen to it, just to get a general vibe for what the band is going for on the album, my initial reaction was these are good. As I was listening to them, I did a bit of research on them and when I found that they were from Germany, I

was thinking that Germany has been producing some really good quality bands in the last 30 plus years.

The I Wander Alone album has some brilliant tracks on it, the list below is the tracks that I have found that I liked or found interesting: We Are The Capricorn, I Wander Alone, Wiedereintritt, Watch Me Burn, Embers, Remember My Name, And So I Ascend and Ashen Grounds.

And So I Ascend is one of my favourites of the album, as it has some epic guitars on the track and coupled that with the drums and some heavy bass lines.

Well, I must say, that Era Capricorn is a brilliant band, as they know how to write an instrumental album, as it has an epic style and sound to it. If you are into the Instrumental Metal then you are going to love Era Capricorn, so I would highly recommend that you to go and check them out on their Facebook page.

I would give Era Capricorn and the album I wander Alone a 5 out of 5 for its Epicness

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