Starsoup: Castles Of Sand Album Review

Starsoup are a Progressive Metal band from Moscow, Russia. The consists of Alexey Markov – Guitars and Vocals and guest musicians.

In the last few months there has been a good few bands from Russia, that have sent music to me, Tantal and Starsoup just to name a few. After I read the bio that was sent with the Castles Of Sand, its is interesting to know that Alexey is the main guy of the band, and he invites other musicians to come and join him and play on the albums. Starsoup is a studio band only.

After I have listened to the Castle Of Sand album a couple of times, I wasn’t sure on some of the songs, but after a few more listens I came to like where Starsoup is coming from musically. The songs that I came to like or found interesting are: The Catcher In The Lie, Brother’s Plea, Your World Is Dead, Rumors Of Better Love, Escapist, Castle, Light Up The Stars, Moon On The Shore and Road To Sunset.

Rumors Of Better Love, is one of those tracks that I wasn’t to sure about, because of the slow pace of the song but I came to appreciate it, of how it is constructed and the use of acoustic guitars etc. Light Up The Stars is a pretty cool track, as It is a more of a ballad and it showcases the fact that Starsoup can write and perform different genres of rock and metal. Totally love the piano on Moon On The Shore.

Over the course of the last few weeks, since I listened to the album, I have become a fan of Starsoup, as they have written some really good tracks, that is suitable for different moods for the listener. I would recommend that you go and check out Starsoup on their Facebook page.

I would give Starsoup and the album Castles Of Sand a 4.5 out of 5

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