What Lies Beyond: Marilyn Rose pt2 and Bitter Truth Singles Review

What Lies Beyond is a Hard Rock and Metal band from Solin, Croatia. The band consists of Ivan Šipić – Vocals, Filip Samardžić – Lead guitar/back vocals, Ante Katinac – Rhythm guitar/back vocals, Ante Topić – Bass Guitar/back vocals and Marin Jakić – Drums.

When I was going through the comments on the PMM website, a comment popped up on the About section, it was from Ante Katinac, asking if I was interested in doing an article on the band, and I said yes I would love to. So here we are.

In the message, there is a link to the band’s Soundcloud page where the two singles are. The first single that I listened to is Marilyn Rose pt 2, and this track is pretty good vocals and guitars on this song. The drums are pretty cool as well, and help drive this catchy tune along.

The second track that I listened to is Bitter Truth, now this track is slightly more heavier within the guitars and drums, which is good, plus there is some sweet riff solo’s throughout the song.

Overall these two tracks from What Lies Beyond are pretty good, and if you are looking for a new band or wanting to listen to something different, then What Lies Beyond is your band. Go and check them out on either their Facebook or Soundcloud pages.

I would give What Lies Beyond a 4 out of 5, Cool songs, I would like to hear more from these guys in the future.

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