Volition: Visions Of The Onslaught Album Review

Volition is a Thrash Metal band from Tulsa, USA. The band consists of Chris Potter- Lead Axe/Shouts and Malice von Creitz – Battery.

In the last 35 plus years, ever since I got into Thrash Metal scene when I was a kid, I have listened to a quite a few bands in that time. Some of those bands have become firm favourites such as, Slayer, Exodus, Motorhead, just to name a few.

When I got the Visions Of The Onslaught from Volition, a few weeks ago and as I did a little bit of research, I knew I had to play them straight away to see what they where like. When I put the album, just to get basic vibe of what they have created, I knew basically from the first track Morbid Devastation that this album was going to be good.

I have Listened to the album on several occasions now, I must say that I definitely love what I am hearing from Volition. The tracks that I have found that I liked or found interesting are: Morbid Devastation, Theories Of Punishment, Enforce With Violence, Injection Vendetta, Annihilation, Vengeful Satisfaction, Justified Mortality, Crypts of Flesh and Volition. This album is brilliant on so many levels, as it has some old school thrash in the tracks, with a modern twist. The guitars are on point and it is the same with the drums.

I truly like Volition and what they have created on the album Visions Of The Onslaught. If you are a fan of the Thrash Metal genre or you are looking for a new band to get into, the Volition is the band for you, I would highly recommend that you go and check them out either on their Facebook or Bandcamp pages for more information.

I would give Volition and their album a 4.5 out out 5, for a tremendous album.

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